Nick Gibson of Euroleague Adventures showing his “true colors” – while Bostjan Nachbar dreams of a medal at the 2013 EuroBasket, at home!

Taking The Charge Podcast Episode 10:Os and Dave have a fantastic chat with Euroleague Adventures co-creator Nick Gibson about the 2012-13 Euroleague season and the 2013 EuroBasket draw, not to mention the special features of sour cream.

Dave also talked to Brose Baskets and Slovenian star Bostjan Nachbar about moving to the small market team in Bamberg, disappointment of being injured and missing the 2011 EuroBasket and hopes of a medal at EuroBasket 2013 in front of the home fans.

For the Movie of the Week segment we watched “Phoenix in der Asche – No Ashes, No Phoenix” while Wolfman Os introduces two songs by our musical guest of the week Mr. Hand.

Enjoy all

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Here is the trailer for “Phoenix in der Asche – No Ashes, No Phoenix”

Rundown of the show:(time in hrs:mins:secs)

Week’s news – Are the Los Angeles Clippers an NBA title contender; Nikola Vucevic excelling with the Orlando Margic; Brose Baskets Bamberg beating Bayern Munich in a statement game with Maik Zirbes taking another step; and Marcus Campbell not being allowed to leave Qatar. 18:40

Nick Gibson – Co-Creator from Euroleague Adventures (Sam, of course we love you too!): 54:15

Bostjan Nachbar – Brose Baskets and Slovenia superstar: 2:51:25

This week’s musical guest: Mr. Hand: 2:47:52 and 3:11:05. Follow Mr. Hand on theirĀ  website and Twitter

Movie of the Week: Phoenix in der Asche: 3:17:15 SPOILER ALERT: 3;26:00-3:36:00

What’s up this week: 3:38:00




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