Radmila Turner of FIBA Europe talked to Taking The Charge about youth basketball, player insurance, anti-doping and other issues.

Radmila Turner of FIBA Europe talked to Taking The Charge about youth basketball, player insurance, anti-doping and other issues.

Taking The Charge Podcast Episode 107: Dave of heinnews and Os Davis of Road to the Association talk about the Euroleague Regular Season.  The interview this week is with Radmila Turner of Youth Competitions and Medical Care with FIBA Europe. For the movie of the week, we reviewed “See You in Montevideo“.

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Episode 108: Breakdown of show

News: Euroleague season predictions

Radmila Turner: 1:37:30

This week’s music: “scratch n sniff” by Marc Stapleford 2:13:30; “Lost Holiday” by Tigerbelly 2:45:30

Movie of the week: 2:21:20





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  1. Aleksandar Prokic says:

    I have been listening to you for a while now. Keep up the good work. I don’t agree with a lot of your views :) but I do like the different point of view, gets me to think and question my views. One thing is you don’t give enough love/attention for my Serbians. During the World cup you were kind of quiet on them. And Red star got only a token mention.
    Anyway Red Star looked awesome in the first 2 games in ABA, blowing out teams(Levski, Cibona) before the end of 3rd quarter (30+pts). They look defensively even better than last year. Offensively they are looking solid, but defense is doing the damage. They were missing a passing minded PG last year so the offense was stagnant but with Marcus it has a much better flow, Bobi is getting more balls, others are getting more open shots. Can’t wait to see them against euroleague opposition like Galatasaray next week. I think they could even sneak into 3rd place in the group.

    Just some help on the movie part: “See You in Montevideo” is the second part of the original movie “Montevideo: Taste of a Dream”.
    The series are spin offs of the movies. Basically you can view them as an directors extended extended cut. It has been going on for some years in Serbia that popular movies get series spin offs. Probably don’t want anything to go to waste. I don’t know if anybody else does it but it is interesting. If you like the movie you get to explore the topic in more dept.


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