Here is just a sampling of some of the other work’s David Hein has done for other satisfied clients.

2008 FIBA Europe Men’s Under-18 European Championship:
Post-Koufos Greece Focus On “Team”

Diamantidis Fan Peciukevicius Not Afraid Of Big Shot

Kanter, Turkey’s Hot Property

2008 FIBA Europe Women’s Under-20 European Championship:
17-Year-Old Trio Thrills U20 Level

For Tiny Montenegro It’s ‘Mission Accomplished’

2008 FIBA Europe Women’s Under-16 European Championship:
Sweden on way to superpower?

Italy hope to give hope

2007 FIBA Europe Men’s Under-20 European Championship:
Turkey compete with 2010 in sight

One on one: Milos Teodosic

Italy keeping an eye on Hackett

Local hero Mocnik enjoying the spotlight

2007 FIBA Europe Women’s Under-16 European Championship:
France poised to end Spain’s reign


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