Hello to all you sports fans out there. And welcome to heinnews.

heinnews is not just another sports news agency. It prides itself on offering content that no other service provides – human interest features brought home to the local level as well as leading analysis on the world of sports from an international standpoint.

After establishing ourselves as one of the world’s leading authorities in men’s international basketball, we expanded into the world of women’s basketball and have garnered enormous respect in the field. heinnews also offers extensive coverage of European football – specialising on the German Bundesliga – and has recently become making waves into the volleyball world as well. Founder David Hein is leading the surge towards becoming a global player in the media world and continues to look for new ways to increase heinnews’ coverage spectrum.

Just to let you know a little bit about me: I’m an American from Chicago, who’s decided to take a chance on living abroad. I’ve been in Germany since 1997 and love it here. I got married in Fall 2005 and founded this agency as well. We’re expanding into various sports and always looking for new ideas.


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