Quarterback Tim Tebow and the Florida Gators defense earned the school the right to call themselves the national collegiate fooball champions for 2008-09 by beating Oklahoma 24-14.

The Gators defense came up with two big goal-line stops while holding the potent Sooners’ offense to just 14 points – 48.8 points fewer (!!!!) than they had averaged in their last seven games.

A big key was the health of Percy Harvin, who returned from an ankle injury in running for 122 yards on just nine attempts including a two-yard TD in the third quarter.

And Tebow showed that while he may not be the best quarterback in college football, he may be the best player in the sport. Despite tossing a career-high two interceptions, Tebow came up with a number of big plays, especially on third downs, to lead Florida to their second national title in three seasons and third in school history.

Everyone knows that the college football bowl system is a mess. But Florida won the title deservedly in the current format. Many observers are calling USC the best team in college sport and undefeated Utah Utes may have an argument for deserving the top spot. But the system is what it is – Florida is the national champion.

Sticking with football, legendary quarterback Brett Favre says he wants to wait on deciding about his future. Favre is 39 years old and proved at times he can still play the game. He admittedly was disappointed how the Jets failed down the stretch to miss the play-offs. And football fans should expect him to give it one more go in 2009-10.

You have to like when you hear that players feel they are blessed to be with a team. Well, check this quote from new Chicago Cubs right-fielder Milton Bradley after being announced following the signing of his three-year, 30-million dollar deal – “I’d like to make a little word play and switch up Lou Gehrig’s speech about being the luckiest man. I don’t believe in luck. I believe in blessings and I consider myself to be the most blessed on the face of the earth today.”

Sticking with baseball for a couple items …

This one was coming. The New York Yankees may be looking to move Xavier Nady or Nick Swisher.  If the Yankees can get anything more than a box of Cracker Jack for Swisher, they will undoubtedly be thrilled.

The 2008 American League Cy Young winner Cliff Lee says he wouldn’t mind getting locked up in a long-term deal with the Cleveland Indians.  The Indians have been high on Lee for years now and they finally saw what could be last season when Lee was dominating. But he has been up and down. The Indians are a smart organization and will lock him up.

The Oakland A’s have come up with a new, interesting way of getting into the Japanese baseball market.

Heading over to basketball really quick …

The Euroleague had a truly wonderful showdown Thursday night in Italy as Montepaschi Siena beat Panathinaikos 82-77 in the Euroleague. What a great game. Mike Batiste was a beast inside for Pana but Siena was led to the victory by Marco Carreretto. Who? Yeah, exactly. Coming into the game he had scored 14 points in his previous four Euroleague games. But he nailed 5 of 5 three-pointers for 15 points. That is why basketball is great.

And the Darius Miles sage continues as the Portland Trail Blazers have threatened possible litigation if any team signs the free agent to hurt Portland’s salary cap and tax position. Man, the plot thickens.



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