The field for the 2012 men’s basketball Olympic basketball tournament is 75 percent as nine of the 12 teams have been determined through this summer’s various continental tournaments. The 12 nations who will be vying for the final three Olympic berths from the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament have been also set.

Here is a breakdown of the teams already planning for the London Games and how they got there:

United States – 2010 World Champion
Great Britain – Host
Tunisia – FIBA Africa Champion
Australia – FIBA Oceania Champion
Argentina – FIBA Americas Champion
Brazil – FIBA Americas 2nd place
Spain – EuroBasket Champion
France – EuroBasket 2nd Place
China – FIBA Asia Champion

The final three spots will be made up of a trio of these teams, who will play in the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament.

Here is which teams will be competing and how they reached the final qualifier, which will be played from July 2-8 in a yet-unannounced location.

Angola – FIBA Africa 2nd Place
Nigeria – FIBA Africa 3rd Place
New Zealand – FIBA Oceania 2nd Place
Dominican Republic – FIBA Americas 3rd Place
Puerto Rico – FIBA Americas 4th Place
Venezuela – FIBA Americans 5th Place
Russia – EuroBasket 3rd Place
FYR Macedonia – EuroBasket 4th Place
Lithuania – EuroBasket 5th Place
Greece – EuroBasket 6th Place
Jordan – FIBA Asia 2nd Place
South Korea – FIBA Asia 3rd Place

The teams will be split up into three pots and drawn into four groups with the top two teams advancing to the quarterfinals.

Here the breakdown of the pots:

Pot 1:
Angola, Nigeria, Jordan, South Korea

Pot 2:
Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, New Zealand

Pot 3:
Russia, FYR Macedonia, Lithuania, Greece



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