heinnews’s David Hein returns to the world of football for a chat with Ghana U20 international Prince Adjei Chaniss. They discussed him watching the Black Satellites win the U20 World Cup last summer; what it means for Ghana that the World Cup is taking place in South Africa; and his efforts to play for a club in Europe.

heinnews: First of all, you were expecting to help the Ghana U20 team at the World Cup in Egypt last summer but were not on the squad. Why don’t you start with explaining exactly what happened.
Adjei Chaniss: I wasn’t the coach’s favorite. That’s why I was dropped from the squad. And the federation did not say anything about it.

heinnews: How frustrating was it having to watch the Black Satellites from afar after thinking you were good enough to be on the squad?
Adjei Chaniss: It was very frustrating and I was really, really hurt because I knew I was good enough to be in Egypt but I took it in good faith and prayed for the team a swell.

heinnews: Despite the frustrations, how happy were you that Ghana hoisted the trophy in Cairo?
Adjei Chaniss: I was very happy when the team won the cup and I felt very proud to be a Ghanaian.

heinnews: What did that moment mean for Ghana football?
Adjei Chaniss: It meant a lot to Ghana football because it took Ghana football to an international level.

heinnews: What do you think about the Black Stars reaching the World Cup again in South Africa?
Adjei Chaniss: I think it’s a good thing for the Black Stars to be at the World Cup again in South Africa because it’s a very big state for the Black Stars to raise the flag of Ghana high.

heinnews: How important is it for Africa that the World Cup takes place on the African continent?
Adjei Chaniss: It’s very important for Africa that the World Cup is being played in an African soil and also makes everybody in Africa feels proud to be an African.

heinnews: Where are you playing right now and how are you doing?
Adjei Chaniss: I am now playing for a Division 2 side called Cheetah FC after playing on a for loan a premiership side called Hearts of Lions. And I am doing very well as the second on the goal chart with 4 goals in 6matches.

heinnews: You mentioned that there was a tryout coming up in Spain. What is the latest on that and for which teams are you trying out? and what are your chances of signing with them?
Adjei Chaniss: The embassy did not give me the visa so the trials did not come on and I was going to play trials with Gatefe FC in Spain. It was a recommendation given to Michel, the head coach of the club, about me by his friend who is a Ghanaian but has been in Spain for many years and Michel said if I am that good and was part of the U20 squad that won the WAFO cup in Nigeria he’ll give me a chance to trails with the club but I have to get my own visa and ticket and if get to Spain and am able to impress them, they’ll give me a contract and pay for all my expenses to Spain. I did not get an invitation from a club that’s why the embassy refused me the visa. So if I can get an invitation from a club to the embassy then my visa will be granted. Now my carrier is very shaky because it’s very hard playing in Ghana because you’re not being paid well and even if you’re good you need to greece the palm of a coach to get the chance to play.

heinnews: What would it mean for you to play in Europe?
Adjei Chaniss: It would be a dream come true if I get the chance to play in Europe.

heinnews: What are some of the things you think will be the toughest to get used to in Europe?

Adjei Chaniss: I think some of the things that would be tough for me to get used to are the weather, language and their style of play. But the weather and their style of play¬†would be normal to me¬†because I’ve played in Sweden and Holland before. But as time goes on I’ll get use to their language.

heinnews: Who are some of the players you look up to? From Ghana, Africa and in general.

Adjei Chaniss: The players I look up to in Ghana are Micheal Essein and in Africa Samuel Eto’o and in general Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.



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