Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States. This is a special time for the USA. Barack will be the first black President ever in the USA. This not only shows how far we (blacks) have come as a race but also how talented, intelligent, gifted and qualified we are to fit any position we put our minds and hearts to obtain. I am not saying there is now no racism in the States. That would be a lie. I am not saying that every person that is qualified for a certain job gets it. What I am saying is that in this situation, the Presidency of the United States, the best and most qualified man for the job, won, earned and deserved the position. What I love about Obama is that he is not a black person’s President. He is the people’s President. He is not bias to only helping blacks, he is trying to help all the unfortunate, all the citizens that have the fortitude to work their a** off for a better life. I can truly appreciate that outlook.


Many have wondered about the import of more quality NBA players coming to Europe to play basketball – for instance, the talk of LeBron James or Kobe Bryant coming to Europe to play basketball. I would say this will not happen.  These guys already have millions of dollars. LeBron signed with Nike for around $90 million before he even played a game in the NBA. Those guys are playing basketball to play and win championships at the highest level in the world. I do think it would be interesting if a megastar did come over to Europe. My reason is the BS salary cap they have in the NBA. I don’t know if there are other professional sports with a salary cap but I look at baseball and futbol and say Kobe, LeBron and any other superstar should have the opportunity to make as much money as they possibly can. Baseball salaries are outrageous. Futbol players make astronomical money as well. I don’t think the NFL has a salary cap either. 

If a player can get 50 million, why shouldn’t he? Don’t get me wrong. I do believe most athletes are over-paid. That is another discussion. However, why limit basketball players from making the same money as baseball players or any other sport for that matter? If the owners don’t have it, they won’t pay it. Just my opinion. The NBA players coming to Europe right now are good NBA players no doubt about that. But they are not superstars. LeBron and Kobe stay at home my brothers. I am sure you are well compensated between your salary, endorsements and whatever else you have going on. You are playing in the best league in the world and playing at home. Home is where the heart is and you have the money and resources to truly enjoy the amenities of being there now and in the future.        


The Houston Rockets look like a potential threat to win the West. But who cares? Tracy McGrady has much game, so many skills it’s crazy but he has never been out of the first round of the play-offs. Talk to me come play-off time. If he doesn’t get out the first round this year, I might officially say he doesn’t have the swagger to lead a team to brighter days. The Portland Trail Blazers could be a surprise, but I am not sold on them. They have a lot of talent but they are missing something. Will Greg Oden ever live up to his potential as a #1 draft pick? I say yes, and Portland made the right choice by taking Oden over Kevin Durant. But Portland is 2 or 3 years away from something special. 

Chris Paul is a beast. He is playing at such a high level that there is no talk of who is the best point guard in the NBA. It’s hand down Chris Paul. Dude is on another level for real. He has a chance to go down as one of the best to ever play the point guard position. He is truly a special player. However, I don’t know if his team, the New Orleans Hornets, have enough to win the West. The Lakers still look like the best in the West so far. With Andrew Bynum back, Jordan Farmar a year older, Trevor Ariza being that do it all role player, Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom and Kobe being Kobe, they really look strong. Furthermore, with San Antonio and Dallas looking a lot weaker than usual it seems like a 3 or 4 team race in the West.


Thanks to all those that have been reading the column, appreciate the love. Keep reading and I plan on answering a few questions every week that you, the readers, may ask or want to know my opinion on. Again, thanks for the support.  


Peace and Blessings




  1. Shavonne says:

    I must say I do agree with Obama being the people’s president. First, people fail to realize that Obama is Biracial. He got the chance to experience/identify with both races. Although in the states if have a trace of African in your blood, you are indeed black. However, you are right when you say the best man deserved and won the job, he can truly identify with both races. I am not sold on the fact that NBA stars are transitioning over to the Europe to play basketball. If it is a money thing, then players need to reevaluate the reasoning why they are playing the game. Now if it is for the experience of traveling, exploring and expanding your horizons than more power to them. I do believe David Stern has thought about the threat of NBA stars coming over to Europe or else he would not have implemented the Euroleague/NBA collaboration. As for the NBA, I am not saying the Portland will win the NBA championship, what I am saying is that they are a team that can make it to at least the second round of the playoffs. As for Houston, I think winning any division is an accomplishment, but winning a playoff game is even greater! NFL-Tell me what you think about Pac Man Jones being reinstated…and what do you think about him playing in his first game back against your home team…the Pittsburgh Steelers? Be blessed…Until next time…By the way you are doing a great job 

  2. Ms. Yoka says:

    Yes!! It’s a great thing that Obama is the new President. I’m glad that for once Chris Rock was wrong when he used to say that white people only SAY they’re gonna vote for a Black President because it’s a cool thing to say… LOL. I feel like he already started bringing people together & I hope that’s gonna continue after January 20th. As far as NBA players coming to play to Europe, I could see Kobe doing it in the future. I think once he wins a few championships without Shaq I could see him go play in Italy for a season if they pay him enough. He grew up there part of his life, speaks fluent Italian, and might do it just to switch things up. Just my guess :-). I agree with you that the salary cap is some BS. Let the market play itself out. If it works in other sports, then why wouldn’t it work for basketball? Thanks for the heads up on Chris Paul. I haven’t had much time to keep up with sports but I’ll make sure that I definitely catch one of his games cause you already know that I can appreciate a great PG ;-).

  3. lynae002 says:

    Let me first say… glad to have you back…you always add alittle intensity, swagger, and anticipation to each game. We have missed ya!!!

    It still sends chills up my spine when I hear people talk about the fact that Barack will be the next president. What I appreciate most is the rode that got him here, his supporters and haters… yes haters as Katt Williams explained they are just doing their job…and if you only have one you need to pick up another:)
    Having a dream, designing a plan and seeing it through even when it seems at first unattainable.

    Yes, thanks for keeping us informed for some of us who get behind on the news. Keep up the great job!!!

    Have you had your word for the day!!


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