Is Stephon Marbury finished? He is finished as a New York Knick for sure. The Knicks don’t want him but he can possibly get on another team and produce. He is talented, that is for sure but he has had a lot of baggage with him in the past. I can’t say its always his fault but he has said and done a lot of stupid, questionable things. If I were a general manager in the NBA I wouldn’t take him if he wants a lot of money. If I can get him for the league minimum or at a very discounted price then I would possibly take a chance. Then I could release him if he becomes a problem and not lose a lot of money.

I believe a person deserves a second chance. On the flip side, you can hurt your team or franchise by giving a person/player too many opportunities to do the right thing. Me, personally, I believe Stephon Marbury is finished as a quality player or a contributor in the NBA. This is one time I hope I am wrong. He is a special player and a player I loved watching in the years past. He has always had the skills and tenacity to be a top 5 point guard in the NBA. I hope he bounces back. It would be a great story about resilience and someone giving a guy with a troubled past a chance to redeem his career.

Adam “Pacman” Jones is a good NFL football player. I am just tired of all the nonsense that surrounds him off the field. I don’t know if he is worth the stress, drama and potential damage that he could do to a football team. I have to say, he must be potentially great because Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, wants him on his team badly. Jerry has supported Adam from the day he signed him to a contract. I think he has given Adam a second chance and now it’s time for Adam to do WHATEVER it takes to be a quality player and man both on and off the football field.

On the field, he was playing okay before he got suspended. I know he missed all of last season so I was expecting it to take him 6 or 7 games to get his game rhythm and timing back. Now he has missed more games this season because of this suspension. I am not sure if he can get his swagger back in time to help the Dallas Cowboys compete for a Super Bowl. Furthermore, the rookies who were playing his position once he got suspended are now playing pretty good football. I am not sure if he can make them a better football team right now. Off the field, I truly hope he gets his life together. I do believe he is taking steps to be a better person. Let’s hope that continues.

The NBA rookies look really good thus far. Mario Chalmers might be one of the biggest surprises for me. He has taken the starting job as the point guard for the Miami Heat. With all the talk around Michael Beasley, who is a monster and a future All-Star, Mario has quietly become a starter and is playing pretty well. Derrick Rose and OJ Mayo are both top notch players and Rookie of the Year candidates. They look like stars already on their teams and future All-Stars for years to come.

We can’t forget the Euro imports that are playing well and showing they belong in the NBA. Marc Gasol and Rudy Fernandez are both very impressive. Having played against them both, this is no surprise that they are playing well. They are very talented players who will make their mark on the NBA this season. The undrafted superstar Anthony Morrow is showing that if you can play ball, go play for Don Nelson, he lets you play :-). He hasn’t played many games thus far, but he has been spectacular in the games he has played. There are other guys who have impressed and showed they can play but these are just the ones that have really caught my eye early on this season.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. On this day I would like to give thanks to a few basketball players from Pittsburgh (surrounding areas), Pennsylvania who helped pave the way for me. Many of these names you will not know but they deserve their credit none-the-less. I still remember coming overseas and no one knowing my name. I have been blessed to make a few baskets, play for some great coaches and win a few games with some phenomenal teams. Now, luckily a few people know my name. So I would like to give thanks to Darrell Porter (DAP), Samba Johnson, Wayne Copeland, Lafayette (Newt) Moran, Darius (D-Hawk) Newsome, Eddie Benton, Damon Wade, Henry Chapman, Michael (Mick) Keyes, Myron Brown, Wade Timmerson and Rick Cannon. I know I probably missed a few players but hey, you know who you are. I humbly say thank you.

I will leave you with, “don’t follow your heart, it doesn’t consider your soul” .




  1. SA says:

    I like your column J. Its been a looong time since I talked ball with you. Speaking of rookies, when you get a chance check out Russell Westbrook. His athleticism is off the charts! Still learning the PG position though. He’ll probably take Earl Watson’s spot before the end of the season.

  2. Mick K says:

    JR love the column. I have a few questions for you about your basketball career for your fans.

    What was the hardest decesion you have made during your great career?

    Who was the toughest player you had to defend to this point in your career? That has to be tough lets go with the top 3.

    Who has been the best coach that has helped you develop into the player you are today?

    You have been on some great teams but what team has been the most fun or most focused to win a championship?

    Just a few questions so fans can know a little bit more about you but it seems your fans are on top of the subject. Your answers can be from High School, Summer League, College, or Pro.

    Hope your injury is healing fine, and the family is doing well in this Holiday Season.

    Be Safe
    Mick K.

    Love the quote !!!!


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