jr-holdenAfter years of kniving past guards throughout Europe and the world, CSKA Moscow and Russian international playmaker JR Holden has grabbed the pen and will soon be publishing his memoirs in a book called “Blessed Footsteps”.

The American-born Holden, once a regular contributor to heinnews.com, takes a look through his 13 years of professional basketball and time with the Russian national team over 208 pages for $19.99 through BFS Publishing.

Here a description of the book in JR’s own words:

The remarkable voyage of how a young American’s passion takes him from the inner city playgrounds, to the rural settings of West Virginia; pushing him to pursue an education, and a successful career in Europe; but not before landing him a place in history in the Beijing Summer Olympics…. playing for the Russian Men’s National Basketball Team! The memoirs of JR Holden is an amazing testament to how perseverance and belief can lead you on a journey, that one can only imagine. Regardless of what walk of life you are from.

Pre-orders are already being taken for worldwide sales starting January 11, 2011. For those interested, send heinnews an email – heinnews@gmx.de – and in collaboration with JR we are offering a $5 discount if you order before January 1, 2011 for a purchase price of $14.99.



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