heinnews’ David Hein this week once again went to the well with Bayern Munich. But at least we switched sports as he talked to football striker Ajren Robben after Bayern Munich’s 2-0 loss at home against Girondis Bordeaux. They discussed losing in the Champions League, confidence in reaching the next round, the national team break and his fitness.

heinnews: How disappointed are you after this loss in the Champions League
Robben: Very disappointed. I think it’s normal in football. If you lose and you’re not disappointed then something is not right. We wanted to win the game today for sure, and we needed to win so it’s disappointing.

heinnews: What is the explanation of the game?
Robben: I think in the first half we didn’t create enough, we didn’t play well enough. Some times you also need a little bit of luck in football that things can change. But you also have to try to get the luck on your side by playing well.

heinnews: Coach Louis van Gaal talked about the penalty that you didn’t get. How did you see the situation and how did it impact the outcome of the game?
Robben: Every time all the decisions are decisive for the game. But that’s also football. Sometimes you get a penalty sometimes not. But that’s a little bit of luck you need to change the game. But that’s a decision of the referee, and I think you can’t blame the referee. And you have to accept today that we just didn’t win.

heinnews: Are you still confident that Bayern will reach the next stage of the Champions League?
Robben: We have to be. But we also have to realize that it’s going to be very difficult – also because Juve won today. So you have to win both matches and hope that Juve do not win in Bordeaux.

heinnews: What do you think that will happen in the following days?
Robben: I think the main thing is that we don’t create any trouble ourselves. That’s your job (the press) to make the trouble and the crisis. We just have to stay calm and keep things inside the team. In a couple days we have another important game. It may be difficult but we need to forget this game. Saturday is a very important game to step forward in the league. We’re still in the league, still in the cup and still in the Champions League.

heinnews: How good will it be to have the national team break coming up after the Schalke game?
Robben: Sometimes it can be good. Sometimes it can be good. Sometimes you’re in a good situation and you want to continue. You want more and more games. Maybe at this time it’s good to have a break. I think we just have to look at ourselves and improve week by week. But for me it’s not a difficult situation.

heinnews: There has been a lot of criticism coming from the media tonight about the game. Do you think that’s fair?
Robben: I don’t know if it’s fair. But you just have to look at the game. We will have a look at the game tomorrow and also be critical of ourselves. I think that’s the most important thing – to be critical of yourself as well. And we also have to improve our game and nothing more.

heinnews: Can you play a full 90 minutes?
Robben: For me it’s a difficult situation. At the moment, I’m not top fit. But I also know the difficult situation of the club and I tried to help the team. Today I am not at 100 percent, but I just tried my best to help the team. But I also need more training and more time because the recovery I had with the knee was not good. It was not a good job. Every time it was okay, it was bad again. Time wise maybe it went quick. But I just tried my best today.



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