German and Bayern Munich football fans woke up on Sunday to expressions such as “crying”, “bad luck”, “nightmare”, “maximum punishment” and “devastated” in German media in the reporting reaction to Bayern’s 5-4 penalties loss to FC Chelsea in the Champions League final.

Distraught Bayern fans found plenty of condolences in the German media after drowning their sorrows the night before as they watched Munich fail to take advantage of a slew of chances and ended up being devastated by the gods of football – and all that with the dream of winning the Champions League title in their home arena.

“Champions League Drama: Bayern lost in penalties thriller: Schweini, we are crying with you!” headlined the mass daily Bild their coverage – focusing on Bayern star Bastian Schweinsteiger, who watched his penalty – Bayern’s final attempt – blast off the right upright before Didier Drogba nailed his spot kick to give Chelsea their first title.

“(Schweinsteiger’s) miss shocks all of football Germany. Bayern, you did not earn this!”

Bild called Chelsea “destructive anti-footballers” and compared the brutality of the 2012 defeat to Bayern’s 2-1 loss against Manchester United in the 1999 Champions League final.

“Three-time runners-up, like Leverkusen in 2002 – this is the maximum punishment for the record champions,” added Bild.

“How much bad luck fits into a single football match?” was the headline for the Munich daily Süddeutsche Zeitung.

“The most one-sided final in Champions League history found a tragic end – FC Chelsea beat FC Bayern in dramatic manner in penalties. Munich give away chances enough for four finals within 120 minutes and finish second a third time this season,” started the SZ’s coverage.

The SZ also had a picture gallery of the city after the Bayern loss with the headline “Munich people cede city to Chelsea fans”.

The bi-weekly magazine Kicker titled their coverage: “Penalties drama: Drogba becomes Bayern nightmare”.

And Sport Bild topped their coverage of the final with “Maximum punishment from football gods”, continuing with: “Shocked stares in Munich – the dream of a historic home triumph in the Champions League was shattered.”

And Bayern’s English website titled their coverage: “Devasted Bayern left to rue missed chances”.

“‘Unbelievable,’ ‘a nightmare’, ‘hard to put into words’, were the initial reactions from the FCB camp after the defeat to Chelsea on home turf. ‘There’s no justice in football,’ said German FA president Wolfgang Niersbach. ‘But if you take the lead after 83 minutes, you have to see it through to the end,’ reflected Jupp Heynckes.”

And the Bayern site had a strong reaction from Munich president Uli Hoeneß: “Chelsea didn’t create a single chance, but we’ve still not managed to win, which is unbelievable. It’s hard to put into words. If you have so many chances to wrap up a game, you have to do so. That’s why we’ve lost this match.”

And Sport1 headlined their coverage: “Chelsea Champions League winners 2012 – Bad luck in penalties dramas! Bayern dream brutally shattered”




  1. Charlie says:

    Chelsea played like a small team against superior opposition. The kind of game you get when a championship club plays them at Stanford Bridge in an FA cup game. Mourinho once lambasted Tottenham for “parking the team bus in front of the goal”. I wonder what he thinks of Chelsea now. But Chelsea do deserve this because Bayern were so bad at the final ball. Robben should hang his head in shame but at least he tried. Gomez, Ribery and all those other muppets let Bayern down. Still it’s a poor way to win the cup but it’s still won. It’s just painful seeing that cheat and foul person Drogba being happy.

  2. Alan Delaney says:

    Chelsea were playing away in a final. And even with that massive unfair advantage Bayern couldn’t win. Chelsea deserved it.

  3. James Holland says:

    Muhammed Ali didn’t often win by a knockout – but often win he did and that’s why people remember him – nobody remembers the losers and their name is not on the cup!

    As to Drogba – a great guy and a role model for his fellow countrymen, does massive charity work for them – pleased to see him so, so happy, as I am.

    Champions of Europe Chelsea!

  4. marcus says:

    You would expect Bayern Munich to be dominant whilst playing at home but just remember Chelsea had some key players missing through suspension, e.g. Ivanovic, Terry, Ramires and Meireles!

    To win in Germany is a huge accomplishment, it’s the score line that matters when the final whistle is blown, regardless of how a team has won.

    Congratulations to Chelsea.

  5. Fred says:

    Bayern didn’t deserve to win; but this was a game that Bayern lost. To have so much possession and to miss such easy chances is inexcusable. Chelsea are a very negative side. They didn’t create a single decent chance on the night. Bad night for football. Terry is a racist spiv and Drogba is one of the most over-rated players of the last ten years.

  6. Byron Taylor says:

    I felt really sorry for Bayern on saturday they did not deserve to lose this game, football however can be very cruel and Chelsea played a really negative game as they have throughout the semi finals with Barcelona. But the bottom line is Bayern had plenty of chances to put the game to bed and they should not have let Chelsea of the hook after taking the lead. Robben terrible penalty in extra time. My feeling is that the type of football Chelsea play does not have any credibility or longevity

  7. Zubr Okacim says:

    There are 3 simple realities to consider –

    1. Bayern were playing a Final in their own Stadium. A MASSIVE advantage

    2. Chelsea needed to neutralise this advantage. They could not afford to go behind. So they had to be uber cautious.

    3. Fussball is not synchronized Swimming or Diving…or Ballroom Dancing. Point are not awarded by a Referee or Judge for doing pretty things. It is about overcoming your opponent. It is about TACTICS and the execution of them…….Chelsea got their tactics right and have their name on the Trophy.

    There is no shame, only Glory! The Glory of winning, in this case in unfavourable conditions. They achieved the desired outcome. They displayed the greatest virtue, TENACITY.

  8. danny edwards says:

    @Fred, It’s a hard pill to swallow you idiot,terry wasn’t even playing, terry like him or not has been one of the best centrebacks in Europe for the last ten years, as by him being voted into the European team of the year by europes coaches 3 times. Drogba well let’s compare him to another top European striker over the same period, say Thierry Henry.(sic) henry missed two clear chances in the final against barca, erm drogba one chance one goal, drogba nine finals, nine goals. henry five finals goals=0, then when he got fed up with winning nothing he jumped.on the barca gravy train. Would you ever see him in his own area defending a corner, don’t be silly, henry was to much of a prima Donna, at least drogba knows what teamwork is, bayern were better going forward but not defending or taking pens. Face chelsea scored a word class goal from their only corner,robben only lasted three seasons at chelsea because he is a bottler. Chelsea football club champions of Europe.


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