Basketball’s world governing body FIBA announced that a world club championship tournament will be played in October 2010 with the winner earning 1 million dollars.

FIBA said it will not include an NBA in the first eight-team tournament – with five FIBA continental champions from Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania; the runner-up from the Americas and Europe plus a team invited by the host city – but likely invite one for the second event. This is an event that is a long time coming and hopefully will be taken seriously.

Meanwhile, the baseball Hot Stove is really heating up with trades being made and names like Jake Peavy and CC Sabathia slowly finding a home.

Sabathia has been linked to a number of teams but the L.A. Dodgers were not really one of them – until now.

Apparently the San Diego Padres have given the Chicago Cubs an offer to consider for Peavy.

Cubs fans are relieved that baseball team is not part of bankruptcy protection.

The Minnesota Timberwolves took the step they needed and sacked Randy Wittman. Whether or not it was right to replace him with Kevin McHale remains to be seen.

A note of American football outside of the U.S., kicker Morten Andersen is retiring.



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