NBA fans definitely have a reason to follow the 2010 FIBA World Championship as there are 26 NBA players in the quarterfinals of the tournament in Turkey.

Of course 12 of them are Americans, but the nation with the second most NBA players is Turkey (four – including Semih Erden and Omer Asik) while Argentina have three.

The NBA teams most represented in the quarters are Milwaukee and Oklahoma City with three players (Ersan Ilyasova, Primoz Brezec and Carlos Delfino/Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and Nenad Krstic).

Here a breakdown by nation:


Rudy Fernandez – Portland

Marc Gasol – Memphis


Nenad Krstic –Oklahoma City


Ersan Ilyasova – Milwaukee

Semih Erden – Boston

Omer Asik – Chicago

Hedo Turkoglu – Phoenix


Goran Dragic – Phoenix

Primoz Brezec – Milwaukee

United States

Chauncey Billups – Denver

Kevin Durant – Oklahoma City

Derrick Rose – Chicago

Russell Westbrook – Oklahoma City

Rudy Gay – Memphis

Andre Iguodala – Philadelphia

Danny Granger – Indiana

Stephen Curry – Golden State

Eric Gordon – Los Angeles Clippers

Kevin Love – Minnesota

Lamar Odom – Los Angeles Lakers

Tyson Chandler – Dallas


Timofey Mozgov – New York


Luis Scola – Houston

Fabricio Oberto – Washington

Carlos Delfino – Milwaukee


Linas Kleiza – Toronto



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