Dirk Nowitzki’s decision to play at the 2011 EuroBasket in Lithuania will depend on the looming NBA lockout as well as how his injured finger heals. The German NBA champion will decide on his summer in the coming weeks while relaxing and recovering on the beach.

Nowitzki was noncommittal about the EuroBasket in Lithuania in an interview with the German mass daily Bild.

“We still have to sit down together. The year was damn long. And then you have the finger injury, even if it doesn’t need to be operated on. I don’t even know when the EuroBasket is. I really have only concentrated on the season. Now I will enjoy the title and then we will make a decision,” Nowtizki told Bild.

Nowitzki said he plans on making a schedule for the summer this weekend.

“But for sure I am looking forward to coming home and seeing my family and fans. But now I want to celebrate in Dallas and then relax a week or two on the beach,” Nowitzki added.

When asked by Munich’s Abendzeitung daily when Nowitzki will be coming back to Germany, his sister and manager Silke Nowitzki said: “That is uncertain. It depends on if he will play at the EuroBasket in Lithuania and if the NBA lockout happens or not.”

“If there will not be an NBA season then he will have more time for the European Championship. He will think about it on vacation,” said Silke Nowitzki.

“After that we can see. He also has commitments here in the summer. He will certainly be here. But not in the foreseeable future.”

The 2011 EuroBasket will take place from August 31 to September 18 in Lithuania.

German national team coach Dirk Bauermann was confident Nowitzki will play this summer.

“After this triumph I am very confident that he will be carried by the euphoria and say: ‘I am there’,” Bauermann told the German sports channel Sport1.

Nowitzki’s mentor Holger Geschwindner was a bit more skeptical, telling the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: “He would like to be there, but after the finger injury and the stresses and strain we have to wait and see.”



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