The Los Angeles Lakers showed their dominance in the NBA Western Conference while David Beckham scores for AC Milan and considers staying, and U.S. Army officials say beer and pizza are on the way to Iraq for the Super Bowl party.

The Los Angeles Lakers got a bit more healthy with the return of Jordan Farmer and cruised past the San Antonio Spurs 99-85. L.A. have now won 14 of their last 17 games and are 23-3 at home.

David Beckham scored his first goal for AC Milan and is now saying he could imagine staying with the Italian giants instead of returning to the LA Galaxy.

The Pittsburgh Steelers-Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl is less than a week away. Here is a feature on Pittsburgh linebacker James Harrison and one on Arizona’s defense.

Well, at least we know the Super Bowl party in Iraq will be great.

Here the latest on the sale of the Chicago Cubs with an update on planned changes, a bit of background on soon-to-be-owner Tom Ricketts, more changes, what about Wrigley Field, and then former Cubs greats tell ownership to beef up farm system.

Kaka’s decision not to take the money and go to Manchester City has had an impact on at least one player – as VfB Stuttgart striker Mario Gomez said he will not leave the German club for any price and uses the Brazilian superstar Kaka as an example.

Brazilian striker Robinho has come public since leaving Manchester City camp.

Robinho will likely be a big star at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and the South African government and local organisers are launching a 2010 Mass Participation Programme to drum up support for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

South Africa neighbour Mozambique is hoping to take advantage of the World Cup hoop-lah to the south and building a 57 million dollars stadium.

Here the story of a 100-0 basketball victory is too much for a high school coach.

Women’s basketball coaching legend Natalia Hejkova has given an interview about becoming the sports director of the Slovakia national team.

Sticking in European basketball, Euroleague giants Maccabi Tel Aviv strengthened their backcourt by adding former NBA guard Dee Brown.

And to close off, former New York manager Joe Torre admitted to some rifts with the Yankees in a new book.



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