There won’t be many times this season that the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers lose on the same day. But it happened Wednesday. Oh, and the Bronx finally caught a glimpse of the New York Yankees’ latest multi-millionaire, Mark Teixeira.

The New Orleans Hornets out-scored the Lakers 27-13 in the fourth quarter in winning 116-105, snapping Los Angeles’ 15-game home winning streak.

Boston meanwhile was knocked off on the road 114-106 by the Charlotte Bobcats. After the Celtics started the season with an NBA record 27-2 record, Boston have dropped five of the last seven games.

In New York, the New York Yankees introduced their new first baseman, Mark Teixeira, who will wear number 25. His usual 23 has been retired in honor of Don Mattingly.

Sticking with baseball, the Chicago Cubs finalized their deal with the Colorado Rockies for a swap of Jason Marquis for Luis Vizcaino.

Two more interesting baseball Hot Stove moves – Jason Giambi is returning to Oakland and the Cleveland Indians signed Carl Pavano to a one-year deal.

And to finish off with college football …
The state of Utah’s attorney general is investigating if the Bowl Championship Series may violate antitrust laws after the undefeated Utah Utes were left out of the national title game for the second time in five years.



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