Bayern Munich player personnel director Marko Pesic said it is very unlikely that German national team center Chris Kaman will come to the German BBL club and that he is still considering an offer from Lithuanian side Zalgiris Kaunas.

“My information says that he has an offer from Zalgiris Kaunas and has not yet accepted it. But I also doubt that we can challenge them. Not unless he goes down with his salary considerations. That is very unlikely,” Pesic said in an interview with the German language basketball portal

Bayern are desperately looking for a center after Sharrod Ford left Munich for personal reasons less than two weeks before the start of the BBL season. In addition, aging veterans Ruben Boumtje Boumtje and Darius Hall have failed to convince in their chance to fill the void.

The 18-year-old German international center Bogdan Radosavljevic did not play in Bayern’s opener against Telekom Baskets. But Munich’s bosses still think highly of the German-Serb.

“Bogdan is not only the biggest talent in Germany at the center position but in all of Europe,” continued Pesic in the interview.

“He was invited to the FIBA Europe U18 All Star Game and is the future of FC Bayern at this position. He is mentally very developed for his age, as is his game. But you don’t really help him much by throwing into the deep end.”

Pesic said Bayern are watching closely how they handle the talented youngster

“Even in the situation we are in, you have to watch out how you prepare for this level. It doesn’t make much sense in overwhelming him. But you have to find ways to integrate him. He is certainly an option. … Our job is to gradually build him up and not burn him out.”



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