The world of college football has two absolute highlights this weekend which should determine the Bowl Championship Series while the German football/soccer Bundesliga has a tantalizing matchup.

Somehow it’s possible that the undisputed No. 1 team in college football can be a double-digit. And that is the case as the Alabama Crimson Tide faces off with the Florida Gators, ranked fourth in the BCS rankings.

The game is Saturday at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta and will decide the winner of the South Eastern Conference (SEC). The winner also will nearly certainly earn a spot in the BCS championship game on January 8 in Miami.

Alabama have not lost this season and yet opened the week as 10-point underdogs against Florida, whose only loss game came late September at home 31-30 against Mississippi.

This is a showdown of Alabama power versus the speed of Florida. And speed so often is the deciding factor in big college football games, so Florida beats Alabama and will play for the national title.

The other super showdown in college football is No. 2 Oklahoma facing off against No. 20 in the Big 12 Championship game at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. Oklahoma leapfrogged Texas and Texas Tech in the Big 12 South Division to get into the Big-12 title game while Missouri won the North.

Oklahoma is going for their third straight conference title after spoiling Missouri’s national title hopes in last season’s final. But this year, it’s Missouri who is looking to be the spoiler as Oklahoma will most likely enter the BCS title game with a victory.

Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford is hurt but it will not make a difference. Oklahoma rolls over Missouri.

There are two other fine matchups on Friday in the world of sports.

In the German football/soccer Bundesliga, reigning champions Bayern Munich welcome Friday night current leaders Hoffenheim, which lead Bayern by three points. The promoted club Hoffenheim are the talk of the football world with their high-powered offense. And there has been plenty of banter ahead of this showdown as Munich try to talk down to Hoffenheim.

Hoffenheim coach Ralf Rangnick and the rest of his team have not been scared about talking back. And Hoffenheim really want to prove they are for real and will knock off Munich.

A final game to watch – but which will not be getting a prediction – is Friday night’s NBA showdown between Portland and the Celtics in Boston. We will get to see what Portland is made of in this one as Boston are 11-1 at home this season.



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