DeJuan Blair and Pitt were too much for Hasheem Thabeet and UConn. Other news includes the Phoenix Suns returning to the run-and-gun; David Ortiz calling for a season ban for steroid-takers, Rafael Nadal, World Cup 2010 tickets, David Beckham and his romance with Milan and Obama with baseball and basketball.

DeJuan Blair had 22 points and 23 rebounds as No.4 Pittsburgh knocked off No. 1 Connecticut in a fine showdown in the Big East. UConn’s Hasheem Thabeet could not handle Blair and fouled out with just five points and four rebounds.

Sticking with basketball, the Phoenix Suns may return to their former running and gunning selves after Terry Porter was fired as head coach and assistant coach Alvin Gentry was named the interim. A former assistant under Mike D’Antoni, Gentry’s comments: “We are who we are and I think we have to go back to trying to establish a breakneck pace like we’ve had in the past.”

Here is a look at the NBA All-Star Game which featured Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant re-uniting in victory.  And here is Nate Robinson taking down Dwight Howard in Slam Dunk competition.

Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz came out and said any player now caught taking performance-enhancing drugs should be banned for one season.

Elsewhere in Spring Training, he a look at Atlanta camp without legendary pitcher John Smoltz – now with the Boston Red Sox. And check this in case you don’t know the name Matt Wieters of the Baltimore Orioles.

Eurosport talks about Rafael Nadal breaking down and the tennis No. 1 needing a rest.

World football fans get ready, World Cup 2010 tickets go on sale this week.

Sticking with football, Posh says David Beckham should move to Milan while Becks insists he won’t be going back to Los Angeles Galaxy.

German international Michael Ballack denies that he was part of a plot to have Chelsea coach Luiz Felipe Scolari sacked. And here more of his defense.

Heading to politics and sports…
U.S. President Barack Obama was invited to Chicago White Sox spring training in Arizona. And a handful of NBA greats praised the president’s moves on the hardwood.

And here is an on-going story about Dubai banning an Israeli tennis player from competing in a tournament in the U.A.E.



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