Robin Benzing would not confirm that he is leaving German BBL side ratiopharm Ulm, but everything is pointing that way – actually to a team playing European ball. And he admitted that the NBA is not an issue at the moment.

The Augsburger Allgemeine daily reported that Benzing, whose contract with the team runs out on Friday, has cleared out his Ulm apartment and given notice for his accommodations. And Ulm spokesman Martin Fünkele told the paper: “We are not assuming that he will stay. But you can still hope, that’s for sure.”

The German international Benzing has offers from Spanish and German clubs and Bayern Munich has also expressed even interest to have German national team coach and Bayern boss Dirk Bauermann bring Benzing to a Bayern football Bundesliga match.

Benzing’s main goal is clear.

“The main thing is that I have good practice and can play a lot,” he told the Augsburg paper. He also said he would like to “play European” as well – another reason why his future in Ulm is all but over.

Benzing’s name was included in the 2011 NBA Draft but he went undrafted, to which he said: “At the beginning I was a little disappointed. But now it motivates me to do even more.”

He added that he is still young and that: “The NBA is no longer an issue now.”
Benzing said he will be a bit sorry to leave Ulm, where he played his past two seasons – his first two as a professional.

“I will never forget Ulm,” he told the Südwest Presse.

“I began my professional career here.”

Besides looking for a new club, Benzing is also preparing for EuroBasket 2011 as he hopes to help Germany to a spot in the 2012 Olympics.



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