Bayern Munich acquisition Paul Zipser in action for Heidelberg - vaf-Foto

Bayern Munich acquisition Paul Zipser in action for Heidelberg – vaf-Foto

After much speculation about the future of 18-year-old German talent Paul Zipser since his signing with Bayern Munich, the youngster’s agent came out and said there are no plans at the moment to send him on loan to another team.

“After the announcement of his move there was speculation about a loan for next season. There are currently no plans that Paul will be loaned out. He will go his way in Munich,” said Jan Rohdewald, manager of the Lumani 10.7 agency representing Zipser, who moved from second division ProA side MLP Academics Heidelberg to Bayern.

Speculation had Zipser possibly going to a team like TBB Trier or ratiopharm ulm after Bayern had worked out loans with both teams last off-season for Bastian Doreth and Philipp Schwethelm, respectively.

In his statement, Rohdewald said Zipser will continue his rehab of his lingering foot injury in Munich for the next four weeks before then practicing two times a day with the Bayern professional team to get fully fit.

“Then we will see what (Munich head coach) Svetislav Pesic will have him do and how,” read the statement.

The biggest question about the move is where Zipser will play next season. The easiest thought is Bayern’s second team. The problem is that Munich’s second team is only in the fourth division – 1st Regionalliga. Even if they earn promotion – they are tied for second at 10-4 while Body Street Baunach lead at 10-3 in a 26-game season – Munich would only play ProB next season. That is actually a step lower than where Zipser is playing now.

Last season as a 17/18-year-old, Zipser averaged 7.9 points, 3.0 rebounds, 1.2 assists and 1.0 blocks in the ProA. In his first game of this season, Zipser collected 12 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 blocks before getting injured in the second contest in early October.

It would make sense for Bayern to send Zipser to the second team this season to secure them certain promotion – to give other top level talents better competition to help develop. The Bayern second team includes Mauricio Marin, Bogdan Radosavljevic, Julius Wolf, Malo Valerien and Tim Hasbergen.

Zipser has only played two games this season with Heidelberg before injuring his foot in late October, giving the U18 German international time to think about his future.

“Most important for him first of all is to get healthy again,” said Rohdewald.

The agent also said it’s still unclear where on the court Zipser will end up playing in the future.

“The 18-year-old Paul is understandably not yet completely developed. Therefore we cannot say at what position he will receive minutes,” the statement said.

Rohdewald also pointed out that he, Bayern, Heidelberg and Zipser all sat together to determine what was best for the player’s future.

“All of the parties involved are happy with the final decision,” read the statement. “It’s important for me to emphasize that. Both his former club and his new club and Paul himself are very satisfied with the solution that was found.”

Rohdewald said Heidelberg’s management realized that they had a great talent on their hands but also knew that Paul would not be finishing his career there.



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