While looking for information for an interview with Enes Kanter heinnews’s David Hein ran across the fact that the young Turkish star has a younger brother, Kerem, playing high school basketball in the United States. But there wasn’t that much other information on Arlington County Day high junior in Jacksonville, Florida.

So… heinnews asked big brother Enes to give a scouting report of his younger brother Kerem.

Enes Kanter: “He’s 6-8, 6-9, a left-hander. He has great touch. He can play like a power forward. He’s telling me that he’ll be better than me. But I’m trying to help him.”

What’s his game like?

“He’s lefty, he can shoot, he can play the face-up game and play back-to-the basket. Right now he’s just trying to get faster because European and American basketball is so much different.”

And his future?

“This is his third year in Jacksonville and then he will play one more year and then decide.”

And what about you and him playing together for Turkey?

“I hope. Maybe it’s like the Gasol borthers. Maybe one day in the NBA.”


– Picture from Facebook page of Kerem Kanter




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  1. cenk yıldırım says:

    enes kanter utahta basirili olacak ama milli takima gelmedi o artik gozumde ibinedir gotcugunden alan biridir go enes go utah


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