Now that Svetislav Pesic has taken over as head coach at Bayern Munich, the German national team needs a new man in charge. And Dirk Bauermann said he would be willing to talk about a return as Germany national team coach.

“I haven’t spoken to anyone with the DBB (German Basketball Federation), but I would be available for talks,” Bauermann told the German sports news channel Sky News.

“There’s no reason I couldn’t imagine becoming the national team coach. The national team always was very meaningful to me.”

He told “I cannot say much more than that I always gave all as national team coach. It was like a dream job for me. I cannot say anything more than that I would be open for talks.”

Bauermann, who is currently in the U.S., added: “I am pretty surprised. We have to wait and see what happens the next couple days. Nobody has approached me yet.”

Bauermann coached the German national team in 1994 as well as from 2003 to 2011, leading the Germans to silver at the 2005 EuroBasket as well as qualification for the 2008 Olympics.

After the Olympics, Bauermann was forced to decide between the German national team and his club Brose Baskets Bamberg, whom he led to the German league title in 2005 and 2007. He chose the German national team.

In 2010, Bauermann returned to club basketball as part of the highly-ambitious Bayern Munich project. The fact that Bayern were playing in the second division allowed Bauermann to remain the German national team coach.

Upon promotion to the German top flight in 2011, Bauermann again had to chose between club and national team and this time decided in favor of Bayern Munich.

Svetislav Pesic took over the German national team and led them to qualify for EuroBasket 2013 with an undefeated performance in their group.

But now that Pesic is signed with Bayern, he will not be allowed to coach both Germany and Bayern.

That leaves an opening for Germany. And possibly, a return of Dirk Bauermann.



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