s.Oliver Baskets head coach John Patrick just wants to clear the air in the situation with Chester Frazier - Photo by Dennis Grombkowski/Bongarts/Getty Images

s.Oliver Baskets head coach John Patrick felt it necessary to clear the air in the unfortunately on-going matter regarding Chester Frazier’s sudden departure from the club, saying the Würzburg organization is not at all trying to hurt his career.

In an email to heinnews, Patrick said critical postings and opinions reported in the U.S. made Frazier think Würzburg were going after him or trying to hurt his career.

“This is not further from the truth,” Patrick wrote.

“I think everyone in the Würzburg organization (players, coaches, and management) appreciates what Chester did for the team. Of course, it is bizarre to hear the angry emotions now, but if he thinks (incorrectly) that we are trying to hurt his reputation, then we see it as some kind of lashing out.”

Patrick had assumed that Frazier and the club had resolved things and the issue was over when Frazier returned to the United States on Tuesday

“I thought that we left on good terms, because our last communication Tuesday night was very positive from both sides,” said Patrick.

He said Chester’s situation “got totally blown out of whack” and described it as “nonsense”.

“The firey words are most likely due to misunderstanding of who is being critical of Chester,” said the Würzburg coach.

“The facts are what they are. But as a former player of mine, who gave 100 percent on the court every second he played, I only wish him the best in the future … even when I had hoped he would stick around a little longer for our team this season.”



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