With the start of the German BBL league right around the corner, this is a great chance to look at what some of the club bosses think of Bayern Munich joining the league after promotion. And the reception has been very positive – ranging from “the most interesting project in Europe in the last 10 years” to a “gift for the league”.

The Bayern Munich circus is about to come to the BBL and opposing clubs are expecting huge crowds for the home games against the biggest sports brand in Germany – and one of the biggest in the world.

That makes it no surprise that most of the clubs are welcoming the potential powerhouses into the league.

“I consider FC Bayern a gift to the league and I warmly welcome them,” Alba Berlin general manager Marco Baldi told the Munich daily AZ, which collected reaction from some clubs around Germany.

“With Bayern, we have a club coming to the BBL which is among the most solid clubs for me in the world. I believe that this will be the most spectacular season of all time. The top favorites are Bamberg and we and Bayern will challenge with others for the top four spots.”

“This is certainly one of the most interesting projects in Europe in the last 10 years, and we all hope for a push for the sport,” Ulm manager Thomas Stoll said in AZ.

“But, I hope that the project is based on sustainability. That means, I hope that Bayern will continue to push this project should they remain unsuccessful and not just pull out with the first crash.”

Giessen CEO Christoph Syring also is in favor of the Bayern move.

“I see the commitment of FC Bayern as extremely positive for basketball. This is not just a sheik opening up his wallet. Instead this is the largest German sports club deciding to support a second sport,” said Syring.

“Without wanting to sound too dramatic, but this commitment is almost like a knightly accolade for our sport.”

And Braunschweig’s CEO Oliver Braun said the whole league will profit.

“I think the commitment of the club is good for our sport. With FC Bayern, we are getting a club with a lot of credibility and know-how from football,” said Braun.

“I think the whole league will benefit from this know-how. And sports-wise, Bayern will not just fiddle around but will be a power.”



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