Amanda Zahui - here in action with Tegle - will be playing college hoops next season. Photo by BILDBYRÅN

Swedish center Amanda Zahui has trimmed her list of U.S. college choices to the University of Minnesota, University of Louisville, and the University of Washington and is planning visits starting this weekend.

At the same time she confirmed that she is not looking at the University of Kentucky.

“I’m looking to go to college right now. And I’m going for some visits this Saturday,” the 18-year-old Zahui told heinnews.

“I’m talking to Louisville, Minnesota but not Kentucky but to University of Washington! But it’s weird because I have heard some rumors that I’m talking to Kentucky too … don’t know where that is coming from though!”

Zahui, who said Louisville coach Jeff Walz was recently in Sweden and had visited with her, will fly from Sweden to Minnesota on Saturday for her first of three 48-hour campus visits. After the Minnesota trip, she travels to Louisville and will finish with Washington.

Zahui last weekend celebrated winning the Swedish league championship as Tegle finished a 3-0 series sweep of Northland in the final. Tegle, which includes many of the top talents in Swedish basketball, did not lose a game in their two rounds of playoff action.

In the semifinal sweep of Sallen, Zahui averaged 15.3 points and 9.3 rebounds while she collected 16.7 points, 14 rebounds, 1.3 blocks and 2.7 steals in the finals against Northland.

When asked about the biggest factor in making a choice, Zahui said: “The coaches – if they can develop me into the best player. Also playing time and a place where I’m going to get challenged everyday and feel safe in. But I really want to get playing time, and I know I have to deserve it. And I want to develop.”

Zahui, who has played for Swedens’s Under 16 and Under 18 national teams for the past five summers, said she hasn’t made her choice yet.

“I will probably do it when I get back home and after I talked with my family since I stand really close to them and their opinions are really important for me,” said Zahui.

“After that we will see what happens, but that’s my plan right now and I’m taking it one step at the time.”



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  1. Sandy Walker says:

    Thanks for the great article. In the United States the average fan does not know much about the overseas players but would like to learn more. The leagues appear to be so different. Some day maybe you will write an article on the differences in play between the NCAAW and European style of play.

    As a blog fan and former U of L Womens BB player/season ticket holder, I hope Amanda has a successful US recruiting trip and finds a college home where she will be happy.

    Particularily if her 4 year home is with The University of Louisville Lady Cards!


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