ALBA BERLIN cruised to a perfect 3-0 record at the easyCredit BBL Final Tournament 2020 as they never let RASTA Vechta close in a 102-72 triumph.

Peyton Siva collected 16 points and 7 assists while Rokas Giedraitis added 15 points as Berlin set up a date of undefeated teams with MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg for first place in Group B in the final game of the group stage on Monday June 15. Landry Nnoko picked up 14 points and 8 rebounds and Jonas Mattisseck and Niels Giffey both chipped in 11 points in the win.

Vechta dropped to 0-3 in the group despite Trevis Simpson tallying 21 points while Jaroslaw Zyskowski scored 16 points, Philipp Herkenhoff had 14 points and Ish Wainwright tallied 10 points.

After Marcus Eriksson opened the game with four points for Berlin, Simpson nailed a three-pointer. Berlin followed with 12 straight points – including three-balls from Siva and Tyler Cavanaugh – before Simpson hit Vechta’s second shot, also a triple. Kenneth Ogbe chipped in two straight scores, Eriksson hit from long range and Giffey converted a three-point play for a 26 -11 lead, which was 26-13 after 10 minutes.

Mattisseck drained two treys early in the second quarter for a 34-14 lead before Cavanaugh and Giedraitis also hit from long range in a 12-0 surge as the advantage grew to 46-16. Siva continued his great game with another triple and a three-point play and Berlin were up 58-31 at the break.

Simpson drained a three-pointer and hit three free throws and Zyskowski added five points to trim the margin to 63-42. But Giedraitis drained two long balls in a 13-3 surge to make it 75-45. And the score was 79-50 after three quarters.

Siva made another three early in the fourth quarter and Zyskowski started scoring a few baskets but the deficit was way too out of touch and Vechta never challenged the rest of the way.

QUOTES: Berlin’s Lorenz Brenneke: “It was a lot of fun. I am always happy when I can play a few minutes and make the most of them.”
“I think the first half was very dominating, but also how we comfortably finished the game as well. I am very satisfied.”

Vechta’s Pedro Calles: “The second 20 minutes really couldn’t be worse than the first. So I am not really happy because when I come to the game you have to think about 40 minutes and today we didn’t play the first 20 minutes.”


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