FC Bayern Munich showed their class as they dominated BG Göttingen 90-55 for their second straight win at the easyCredit BBL Final Tournament 2020.

Danilo Barthel paced Bayern with 19 points while Diego Flaccadori scored a career-high 13 points and TJ Bray had 11 points and 5 assists as Bayern used a 22-1 run spanning the second and third quarters to take control of the game and improve to 2-1 in Group A.

Göttingen dropped to 1-2 in the group despite Marvin Omuvwie scoring 13 points. Göttingen was playing without main leaders Alex Ruoff.

Bray drained a three-ball as Bayern scored the first seven points of the game and a Barthel three-point play had the host team up 12-3. Göttingen got three-pointers from Dominic Lockhart and Mihaljo Andric in a 10-0 surge to move ahead 13-12. Bayern punched back with a 10-0 run of their own led by Barthel for a 22-13 lead. Petteri Koponen added a triple and Bayern led 26-18 after 10 minutes.

Göttingen held Bayern scoreless for the first three minutes of the second quarter and Mathis Mönninghoff had three free throws and Terry Allen drained a trey to pull within 26-24. Bray broke the rut with a triple for Bayern and Bayern finished off the first half with a 12-1 run thanks to four points from Flaccadori for a 47-31 cushion at the break.

Bayern made sure Göttingen didn’t have a chance in the second half with another 10-0 run to lead 57-31 – thanks to four points each from Maodo Lo and Barthel. Omuvwie finally got Göttingen on the scoreboard after more than 3 minutes. Omuvwie and Dennis Kramer tried to get Göttingen back into the game but Bayern’s bench players wanted to show what they could do and Bayern led 71-43 after 30 minutes.

Zan Mark Sisko and Bray drained three-balls as Bayern started the fourth quarter on an 8-0 run for a 79-43 advantage with Andric tallying Göttingen’s first points of the final period after nearly 5 minutes. But any attempt at a comeback was much too late.

QUOTES: Bayern’s Danilo Barthel (about his knee): “It’s nothing special. It hurt a little bit at the beginning. But everything is fine.”
“We were aggressive from the beginning. You can see by the score that we defended really hard and were concentrated over long stretches.”
“You don’t have a lot of time to get better or get into a rhythm. We want to use every game also when we have a big lead to work on ourselves and everyone who played did that. And we looked strong.”

Göttingen’s Bennet Hundt: “Bayern were clearly the better team. They played more physically and played better basketball than us. But we have to forget this and look ahead. The tournament moves on quickly. The next game is on Sunday and we want to have all our energy.”


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