Bayern Munich are still undecided about whether to allow guard Je’Kel Foster play at the Beko BBL All-Star Game on January 21 in Ludwigsburg.

“A decision has not been made. We want to wait the week out and then the doctors will decide if a short appearance is possible,” Bayern’s media department confirmed to heinnews.

Foster had missed seven German league contests and six weeks with an ankle injury until returning to the Bayern line-up over the weekend in Munich’s home victory over Oldenburg.

The 28-year-old Foster was voted to the All-Star Game but it’s unclear if he will be able to play in the showcase.

It didn’t sound like it according to head coach Dirk Bauermann’s comments after the victory over Oldenburg.

“Foster will definitely not play at the All-Star Game. The risk would be too high and it wouldn’t be responsible,” said Bauermann.

Foster himself said he would like to play in Ludwigsburg, telling after the Oldenburg game: “I am at 70 or 80 percent. I would like to be at the All-Star Game. But if the coach says no, then it’s no.”



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