41Regensburg Legionäre IV erased a 14-run second inning deficit but then blew a three-run lead late before winning their wild home opener against Eismannsberg 28-27 in walk-off fashion.

Steven Mullen collected five hits – four of them doubles – while scoring five runs and driving in three to lead the Regensburg attack, which scored 15 of their 28 runs with two outs – including Michael Seidel’s game-winning single in the bottom of the fourth.

A mid-game replacement, Seidel came to the plate with the game tied at 27-27 and two runners on and two outs. After having already doubled home two runs with two outs in the third inning, Seidel then drove in Andre Koos with the game-winning run to send the Regensburg fans home happy after a wild game.

Regensburg fell behind 10-0 in the top of the first inning as pitcher Steven Kasprzak struggled to find the plate, allowing the runs on just four hits as he walked five batters and threw five wild pitches and hit two batters in one inning of work.

The Legionäre came back with four runs in the bottom of the first, highlighted by a two-run double from Raul Flores-Trenado.

Kasprzak’s pitching replacement Janek Stela faired only slightly better in the second inning, giving up another eight runs with four walks and a hit batsman as Eismannsberg opened an 18-4 lead.

Regensburg were not phased and batted around twice in the second inning with Mullen and Stela both delivering two run-scoring doubles in the inning, which saw the Legionäre collect 14 runs on 11 hits and even the score at 18-18.

Stela settled down in the third inning, allowing only two runs – both coming on Mullen’s throwing error as Eismannsberg led 20-18 going into the bottom of the third.

Regensburg charged ahead in the third and took the lead for the first time with six runs on just three hits including Seidl’s two-run double with two outs. The Legionäre drew two walks, were helped by a fielding error and a hit batsman in grabbing a 24-20 advantage.

Eismannsberg scored two runs and loaded the bases with no outs when Stela was replaced by Travis Gaug, making his pitching debut. The guests tied the game when Flores-Trenado booted a ball, allowing two runs to score. Gaug saw the next three batters reach base before getting the next three batters out for a 27-24 deficit.

Stela tripled in Mullen before Regensburg made their second out. Flores-Trenado doubled and then Koos singled him in to even the game at 27-27. Robert Flynn collected his fourth of four singles to keep the game alive and set up Seidl’s game-winning single.

Stela, Flores and Koos all collected three hits and four runs with Flores-Trenado and Stela also driving in three runs.



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