Congratulations to Donald H. as the winner of the Photo Caption Contest for Oct 30-Nov 16. Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest. It was certainly fun. And look for the next contest, coming to you starting November 19.

The winning caption was:

“Simpsons!” “South Park!” “Simpsons!” “South Park!” “You’re outta here!” “No, you’re outta here!”

Here again the picture for October 30-Nov 16 – thanks again to Billie Hara

and here is what readers came up with … it certainly looks like you had fun. Have fun reading what the others sent in. Thank you to everyone who participated. And I would love to read your commments.



  1. guest says:

    Hey look, we’re on TV! Hi there Disney 365! Hi there Stefanie Scott!

  2. guest says:

    Billy, there’s an upcoming telecast of Little Einsteins. Let’s watch that. I told you Johnnie we’re watching Gravity Falls! Little Einsteins! Gravity Falls! STOP! I know how we can settle this argument. You run clockwise. I’ll run counterclockwise. First one to the scorer’s table gets possession of the Portable TV.


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