Welcome to the sixth edition of the heinnews.com Photo Caption Contest!!!

This is your chance to win prizes. Just take a look at the picture and write a caption. If the bosses at heinnews.com like your caption the best, then you win.

Here is the picture – thanks to Keith D. Tyler


So, give it a go. Come up with something good. You have until Jan 18, 2009 at 8 pm CET.  Need a bit of inspiration, click on previous Photo Caption Contests.

Feel free to tell your family, friends, colleagues, teammates, what have you about the contest. The more fun the merrier. All entries will be published.

Send your entries to heinnews@gmx.de or post them below.

Good Luck




  1. Doug Sutton says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the first Sea World basketball tournament, where it appears that the dolphins’ still have some work to do on their slam-dunk skills.

  2. mona says:

    Hey, we should definitely have Michael Phelps on our team.

  3. Chris Hohmeier says:

    Dana White UFC president ventures into the water polo market share.

  4. Ian P. says:

    An artists impression of the new arena under construction for the Los Angeles Lakers

  5. Doug Sutton says:

    “Yeh, Dave – that was a GREAT idea, an outdoor basketball league in Ireland…”

  6. Sean Tomas says:

    Air Jordan my ass!

  7. Shawn Lewis says:

    Okay…Okay….on 3….” Roll Roll Roll your ball gently down the stream….”

  8. Norbert Mittermaier says:

    So carps, give it a go!
    Jump and dunk!

  9. Judi says:

    Forget the gym shoes, just grab your fins & snorkel.

  10. Frank Fuhrig says:

    Cage fighting has successfully combined kickboxing, wrestling and jiu-jitsu. Cage fishing promoters are still struggling to find an audience for their combination of angling, basketball and raking leaves.

  11. Tim O. says:

    Under the floodlights…

  12. Scout says:

    Wow, that’s a really clever way of tnhkiing about it!


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