Welcome to the fourth edition of the heinnews.com Photo Caption Contest!!!

This is your chance to win prizes. Just take a look at the picture and write a caption. If the bosses at heinnews.com like your caption the best, then you win.

Here is the picture – thanks to Branko Peic.

So, give it a go. Come up with something good. You have until Dec 14 at 8 pm CET.  Need a bit of inspiration, click on previous Photo Caption Contests.

Feel free to tell your family, friends, colleagues, teammates, what have you about the contest. The more fun the merrier. All entries will be published.

Send your entries to heinnews@gmx.de or post them below.

Good Luck




  1. Chris J. says:

    He’s always had a head for the game.

  2. Lise says:

    so what if I´m bald now… you seem to like it.

  3. Shawn Lewis says:

    Men…don´t forget…KEEP YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME!!!!

  4. Doug Sutton says:

    “Sure wish Coach would wipe that silly grin off his face…”

  5. Norbert Mittermaier says:

    Holzköpfe gibt´s genug, aber Basketballköpfe sind eine echte Seltenheit! “There are enough blockheads. But basketball heads are a true rarity!”

  6. Judi says:

    Oh my gosh! Coach lost his head.

  7. Reggi says:

    Look at me!!!! So you think I’m playing. Some of you will be sitting on the bench if you don’t get it through your head – put the ball in the basket. Now get out there and do your job.

  8. Norbert Mittermaier says:

    Überraschte Chirurgenhände! Warum? Der Kopf wurde bei der Transplantation verwechselt!!! “Surprised surgeon’s hands! Why? The head was swapped during the transplantation!!!”


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