Welcome to the eighth edition of the heinnews.com Photo Caption Contest!!!
This is your chance to win prizes. Just take a look at the picture and write a caption. If the bosses at heinnews.com like your caption the best, then you win.
Here is the picture:


First prize by Photo-Contest in Germany,
Fotoagentur Kunz,Germany, www.foto-kunz.de, presse@foto-kunz.de

So, give it a go. Come up with something good. You have until March 29, 2009 at 8 pm CET.  Need a bit of inspiration, click on previous Photo Caption Contests.

Feel free to tell your family, friends, colleagues, teammates, what have you about the contest. The more fun the merrier. All entries will be published.

Send your entries to heinnews@gmx.de or post them below.

Good Luck





  1. Chris Hohmeier says:

    “Why didn’t I have my camera ready when they were sniffing each others butts?”

  2. Chris Hohmeier says:

    Some last minute alterations are made by the cycling team after the strategic placement of tube socks.

  3. Melissa says:

    ” I’ll scratch your back and
    you’ll scratch my back”.

  4. Kathy Hein says:

    This is a team effort, make sure those numbers are straight..

  5. Dione Rawlings says:

    We got your back–and your butt!

  6. Coach G says:

    “Do these tight biker shorts show my injection scars?”

  7. Don H. says:

    WINNER – Here we see the grooming efforts of the tightus shortus bikus riduhs, much like their primate counterparts, though eating what they find is considered socially awkward.

  8. Don H. says:

    “Good teamwork, boys. Except for you, Number Nine. You’re just coming off as lazy.”

  9. Brian E says:

    WATCH where you put those hands.

  10. Sean Tomas says:

    Homage to the Fibonacci series

  11. Oscar Aguilar says:

    “Zentamen! Ve’re going to haff a Vantastic bike race zis meurning! Shmall, elashtic shorts?!?!”, “SCHEK!”, “Long, shlender legs?!?!”, “SHECK!”, “Vright, jellow zerzies?!?!, “SHECK!”…

  12. Mona H. says:

    It’s just a jump to the left
    And then a step to the right
    With your hands on your hips
    You bring your knees in tight
    But it’s the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane,
    Let’s do the Time Warp again!

  13. Kathy Hein says:

    I don’t know about you,, but I feel like a monkey

  14. Kathy Hein says:

    waiting for something new

  15. Frank Fuhrig says:

    Everybody loves a rousing game of pin the tail on the honkey.

  16. Frank Fuhrig says:

    You boys need to start working out and stop playing grab-ass.

  17. Frank Fuhrig says:

    Children at parades always love the march of the baby elephants.

  18. Frank Fuhrig says:

    Berlin’s Love Parade grew out of the rave party scene, in sharp contrast to the humble origins of the F*** Parade.

  19. guest says:

    Outside! Outside! Outside everybody outside! Line up! Line up! Line up! Line up! Line up! Everybody line up! It’s time to go outside!


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