We at heinnews.com really want to wish our columnist J.R. Holden all the best after breaking his right pinky. He is due to wear a cast for about three weeks

J.R., hope you have a quick recovery and can get back onto the court soon.





  1. Puerto Rico says:

    Awww….Pobre Sito!! I hope the pinky gets better. My bruises used to feel alot better after my mom kissed them for me. Maybe you should fly Mama Holden in to make you feel better! :) Just kidding but I do hope it made you smile, you know how we all love your smile! Take care of yourself and try to stay healthy! We want another ring!!

    Puerto Rico!

  2. Lynae says:

    The team needs you… but take the time you need to heal. Does that mean no more great columns from you in a while. Look forward to hearing more from you again soon… Get better, and take the time to do so!!

  3. Reggi says:

    Ops….forgot something. Does this mean that you will not be writing the columns that we so eagerly look forward to? I like reading your articles — it keeps me up to date (and it makes me feel like I know what I’m talking about when out with friends). Please take time to heal and keep writing. Reggi


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