I watched my first women’s basketball game this season on Saturday.  I only watched the second half but I watched CSKA play against Ekaterinburg.  They are two of the better teams in Europe and their both from Russia.  It was a good game for a half.  The half I didn’t see :-).  Ekaterinburg blew CSKA out in the second half.  I don’t watch much women’s basketball.  Not really sure why, just never really got into it.  I do watch it with my Dad from time to time because he loves women’s basketball.  He doesn’t watch men’s basketball unless I am playing.  He said the men are too fancy and showboats.  Ha ha.  The women play team basketball and its a slower pace.  That is my old school Pops for you.

Anyway, what impressed me most was how physical the game was played.  The referees really let both teams play.  Ekaterinburg played a good game and CSKA just had a bad night.  That is the way game goes sometimes.  Ekaterinburg won by 20+ points.  I like the point guard from Ekaterinburg Cappie Pondexter.  She has a nice handle (dribble) and really creates a lot of shots for herself and her teammates.  She has a smooth game.  She plays like a female Chris Paul.  There were alot of good players on that court.  Me being a point guard and never seeing Cappie play in person before, she impressed me.


I watched the Lakers beat the Cavs this past Sunday.  If Lamar Odom plays as well as he played against the Cavs, the Lakers are definitely going back to the Finals.  He dominated the 3rd quarter and helped the Lakers pull ahead to beat the Cavs 101-91.  L.O had 28 points and 17 rebounds.  He played great and was the team leader because Kobe was sick and not playing at 100%.  LO stepped up and played like a true veteran.  LeBron struggled all game and Mo Williams had a rough second half and the Cavs still had a few chances to possibly win the game.  I still think the Cavs are a very good team and has a great chance to win the Eastern Conference.

Personally, I like Michael Phelps. He has made mistakes, but who hasn’t?  Being photographed smoking weed was not a good look for him at all but there are a lot worse things he could be into.  Like the drunk driving situation he had was a lot worse.  You’re endangering yourself and others.  That is something that we should be a little more harsh on him about.  My question to Mike about this bong picture is, who are you hanging out with and are they really your friends?  Yes, smoking weed is not legal but come on Mike, if you’re going to do something illegal at least do it around and with people you can trust.  Just being honest here.  You are famous, you make millions of dollars and are loved by millions of people across the world.  You have to be more careful and very mindful of the decisions you make.

On the flip side, he is still a young man.  He is only 23 years old and still learning and maturing into a responsible adult.  It has to be tough being that young and in the spotlight and under a microscope all the time.  So we all should cut him a little slack.  His apology was some BS, but we as adults should try and be a little less critical and judgmental.  He may need a little help and support.  It also shows you that money doesn’t mean everything.  Young athletes with money still need a little guidance.  We must remember to treat ALL our young superstars, athletes, entertainers etc. with a little more patience and support.

I have a question for my readers.  My teammates and I were having this discussion so I thought I would ask your opinion as well.  Who would you take at the age of 24 years old, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Magic Johnson or Larry Bird? You can only pick one…my answer in the next column.

“Are you just existing or are you living?”




  1. oih says:


    JR, tnx for your blog, it’s very interesting

  2. uhg80 says:

    I’d pick Magic. I was kinda idolizing him when I was a kid, so I disliked his rival Bird (although I have nothing but huge respect for him meanwhile). Wouldn’t pick Jordan. Never liked him. He spoiled my 90s by being perfect. And I would never ever pick LeBron unless i was looking for a running back. So you see, this is pretty much a fanboy choice here ;)

  3. Shavonne says:

    I agree, I would pick magic..NO one could stop magic at 24 and he was well accomplished…2 NBA Championship titles, 2 MVP’s and 2 NBA Finals…even Michael, LeBron or Bird was that accomplish at 24!! :)

  4. coaraj says:

    i would take magic at 24 he came in the nba taking on the challenge to be the best he could.

  5. Mick K says:

    I would take Magic he was an all-around player(only player that could play all five positions and not miss a beat) and also he was a winner.


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