Let’s get right into it with American Football. How about my Steelers last weekend at home against the Giants. I am a big Steelers fan and the way we played offensively was awful. The offensive line was atrocious. The defensive front of the NY Giants just dominated us all game. Ben Roethlisberger was sacked or hit almost every time he dropped back to pass. He definitely has to get rid of the ball quicker if he is getting harassed like he was against the Giants. Our running game was ineffective for the most part but I do think we should have run the ball a little more.

On the defensive side of ball I was a proud Pittsburghian. That Steeler defense is a beast. How many times can you stop a team that good from scoring when they get the ball in good field position almost every possession? The Steeler defense held the fort down all game. If the defense continues to play that good, that hard, and that aggressive we will have a chance to make it to the Super Bowl. Come on Big Ben and the offense, the defense needs some da** help.

What can I say about Eli Manning? Eli is an elite NFL quarterback. He is the quarterback for the NY Giants and I have to admit, he is calm, poised and SUPREMELY confident. As good as the Steeler defense was all game, he calmly drove the ball down our throats for the winning touchdown. Is he better than his brother Peyton Manning, the quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts? I have to say no right now but he is slowly but surely on his way to being arguably the best quarterback in the game, meaning bye bye Peyton.

College Football is at its best part of the season right now. Every team in the top 8 must win every game in order to have a chance to play in the National Championship game in January. There are 4 or 5 teams right in the thick of things but if Penn State can win this weekend in Iowa, I like their chances in playing in the FedEx BCS Bowl (that is the game that usually determines the best college football team in America). Their win at Ohio State last week was huge. They played smash mouth football and won a close game. My goodness, Texas is rolling right now. They are facing top 10 teams every week and they are handling their business. Colt McCoy their quarterback is hot right now and definitely the favorite for the Heisman trophy (this award is given to the best college football player in America that season). He has been impressive all year. Although quarterback Tim Tebow from Florida is having another fabulous year, I think Colt McCoy is just playing a little better. Never count out USC but if it’s not a Texas vs Penn State National Championship game, I would like to see Texas vs Florida or Penn State vs Florida.

What is wrong with some athletes these days? Larry Johnson an American football player for the Kansas City Chiefs is in trouble again. This is his fourth time in five years of being accused of assaulting a woman. I am not a judge here and not accusing him of anything but come on Mr. Johnson. You are a highly paid athlete that has to carry himself better in public. Then the fact that its women is even more alarming. These aren’t bar fights with other grown men but spitting in a woman’s face, not acceptable. There is nothing that a woman can say that you shouldn’t be able to walk away from as a man enjoying yourself at a bar. I don’t know the facts or what he or she did to get him riled up to that point, I wasn’t there but his actions are unacceptable. Since this is not a one time thing for him, there has to be something about women, alcohol and clubs at the same time. Leave one of the three alone and see what happens if you can’t enjoy all three together. I would leave the alcohol if I were him :-). Nothing wring with getting out and having a good time, every person should have that choice. He is a two time Pro Bowl (its the status of a player that is recognized as one of the best players at his position that season) running back that I personally like as a player. I sincerely hope he gets himself together.

I want to apologize to those that may have misunderstood a sentence in my last article. This is my 11th season overseas. I have been overseas 11 years, this being my 11th, not my 12th.

Until next time, stay positive, stay upbeat and truly believe that things will get better if they aren’t already great.




  1. Reggi says:

    This could be the beginning of something big- the articles you are writing. The info is great! I
    liked the articles and it told the truth. Keep up the good writings. But let it be known that I am the first to say that “if the Steelers don’t pick up their game – the defense will be so banged up that they won’t make it to the end of the season and forget the Super Bowl.
    These articles look good and I will return to read more. Mom

  2. Lynae says:

    Yeah how about those Steelers!!! We had 2 crucial loses… in which we shot ourselves in the foot. We are a great team still hammering out the loose ends. But not to worry fans… We aregoing to put on a great show Monday night.

    Larry…. I know ya Momma taught you better than that! Cant we all just get along:-) Not to mention LJ is on my husbands fantasy football team and nicely put my husband is taking a big hit in the loosing department with him.

    Lets get it together Larry ya fans want more!

  3. Hey J.R.,

    Great to see you blogging. I got you RSS’ed already, so I’ll be following for sure.

    I’m coming to see you guys play on the 29th against Dynamo! Should be a fantastic game.

    Good luck,


  4. BandG4Life says:

    Here is my response to Ed Bouchette of the (PG)…”Follow-up to Larry Johnson as a Steeler…I have disagreed with your opinions/positions on several Steeler-related issues this season and this is one I definitely disagree with. Larry Johnson for the Chiefs like Jerome Bettis was for the Rams is in a situation that he is not personally satisfied with. Larry Johnson had an extremely successful career at Penn State playing for Joe Paterno. Coach Joe Paterno does NOT tolerate ego. Larry like Jerome has been frustrated with his utilization and an overall poor team performance. For the Steelers, Larry Johnson would have the opportunity to be a first half feature back and be a part of a two back offense which would prolong his career and help Rashard Mendenhall assimilate to the pro game by seeing first hand “How to get the job done”. To your point Mewelde Moore did a yemen’s job in Parker’s stead this season…but I look for the Steelers to place emphasis on a dominating running (ball control) offense, where passing becomes a luxury to break the will of our opponents. Parker is NOT a dominant inside running back unless he has a full back to block and pound that first hole open for him. In the single-back formations that the Steelers run from Parker/Moore very rarely picks up the appreciable yardage required for our offense to be dominant and control the clock. I know that LJ would be a welcomed addition to our offense he has better hands than Parker and would not have to leave the game as situations on the field sometimes dictate as would Jamal Lewis or Lendale White. Plus LJ would be on a winning team and be an immediate contributor. I can’t say the same for our 2008 #1 draft pick Mendenhall.” No doubt we would have as dominant an offense and we had a defense this past season. We will see what results free agency and the draft yield but I believe that LJ would be a glove-perfect fit for the Steelers.


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