There is a lot of talk about LeBron James going to New York after his contract is up in the year 2010. Why all the talk? This is two years away. Yes, he is arguably the best player in the game. Yes, it could be one of the greatest free agent summers of all time.  I say to all this, who cares?

LeBron plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers now. This is his current team and to my knowledge he is trying to win a NBA championship with this team. I think reporters, journalists, etc. just need something to write about and stir up. LeBron is a 23-year-old man that has the basketball world in his hands. What he will do in 2010 no one knows right now, maybe except for him. He is not telling us what his decision will be in 2010, so we need to leave the man alone about it. LeBron is a class act and has taken it all in stride. People want something to talk about and he is giving us something to write and talk about. He gives answers that can be read into to assume that he is leaving Cleveland. Then again, those same answers are very unclear and could signify he is staying right where he is. Let the man be and let him focus on this season.  See you in New York in 2010 LeBron!!! Ha ha.

A few questions that I will answer that you, the readers have asked me.

What was the hardest decision you have made during your great career?
I think the hardest decision I have made in my career is deciding to pursue a professional basketball career at all. In 1998 I had just graduated from Bucknell University and had no clue if I would ever play basketball again. After turning down 2 contracts for less than $20,000 a year I decided to take a try-out in Latvia for $400 for the week. It worked out and I had my first contract for $3,000 a month in Riga, Latvia. If I didn’t take a chance on being cut or believing in my ability to make a professional team, I would have never probably played professional basketball.

Who has been the best coach that has helped you develop into the player you are today?
I would say Roger “Raj” Simmons. I was only 14 when I started playing for Coach Raj.  He was my summer league coach. He taught me how to work hard, how to be a team player and to always play against the best so I can become a better player. He worked with a lot of kids/players, but he spent time with me one on one and taught me toughness both mentally and physically. He also helped me become a man. He was very influential to me both on and off the court. I worked with Raj for years. I worked with him during the season or in the summers up until my first year at CSKA 7 years ago.  We still talk and communicate to this day. Raj has always been a big part of my life and my success as a basketball player.

You have been on some great teams but what team has been the most fun or most focused to win a championship?
Every team I have been on since I have been at CSKA over the past 3 years has been so focused on winning a championship. When I first got to CSKA all the payers, coaches and management were new. We were focused on playing well and getting better each and every season. Euroleague championships weren’t our #1 focus until year #3 when the Final Four was in Moscow. Since Coach Messina has been here Euroleague championships have been our major focus. Coach knows what it takes to win a Euroleague championship so he works us all year to prepare us to perform at our best at the most crucial and important times in the season. These past 3 years our goal has been to get better each and every game and practice so we can have the chance to play for a Euroleague championship in May. Winning and competing for a title are both fun and needs an unbelievable focus in order to create that opportunity. I am a little bias in picking my favorite team because that 1st championship is always very special. I would say my first Euroleague championship with the 2006 team was the most fun and focused. However, you can pick any of those teams the past 3 seasons :-). They all have been special and will be remembered for their special moments and the bond we had as a team.

On January the 8th, the best team in college football will be decided between Florida and Oklahoma. These are two very good teams. Florida and Tim Tebow have been amazing the last 9 weeks of the season but I am picking Oklahoma and Coach Bob Stoops to confuse and stump the Gators for the National Championship. I like this match-up.

Finally, I am still picking Colt McCoy from Texas to win the Heisman Trophy (the best player in college football) this season. He had an incredible season. Tim Tebow definitely has an argument but Colt has played better this year than Tim played last year and Tim won the Heisman last year. So, by the numbers and his team’s success I believe Colt McCoy DESERVES to be honored with the Heisman Trophy.



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  1. lynae002 says:

    I agree with you 100% about Lebron. He surly has the basketball world wrapped around his finger. And is playing it well. Gotta love it! Look forward to seeing how it will all play out.

    Ok how about those Steelers!!!!! Yes, I cannot help but Rep my team everychance I get.


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