If Adrian Peterson, the running back for the Minnesota Vikings didn’t show fans, writers, etc. that he is one of the best three running backs in the NFL this past weekend, what more can the man do? To me, he is the best running back in the NFL. After screaming at his coach and then fumbling a fourth down conversion to possibly lose the game for his team, this incredible talent came back and literally caught the ball or ran the ball every play for Minnesota the next possession. To cap it off, he showed all the heart and courage of a champion and with an extra effort scored the winning touchdown for Minnesota. It was just unbelievable. I was glued to the TV. One minute I was saying, that is what you get for screaming at your coach to take a chance on 4th down. The next minute I am screaming at the TV, now that is HEART, that is what champions are made of. I was just your typical fan. Minnesota will probably not win a championship this season, they will probably struggle just making the NFL play-offs, but they have a gem in running back Adrian Peterson. He has the potential to go down as one of the greats. I love just being a fan sometimes.

I went home(USA) and had surgery on my finger. I went to one of the best hand specialists in the United States, doctor Thomas Graham. I just wanted to be certain about what my finger needed and after getting a second opinion, surgery was the best option. Of course I was a little nervous, I have never had surgery before. After being put to sleep by the anesthesia, all I remember is waking up and having my hand bandaged up and the doctor Graham saying, nice and easy JR, nice and easy. It was pain-less. Even afterwards, after the first night or two, I really didn’t even need the pills for the pain. I spent the next few days with my family and then back to Moscow. It’s always nice spending quality time with the family so I definitely enjoyed myself.

Being injured is no fun but it’s definitely a little easier when the team is winning. CSKA went to play Real Madrid and we won inSpain. That was a big win for us on the road. I didn’t see the game, just looked at the box score. It was a low scoring game and definitely looked like a do-fight. A win is a win and we need to win them all :-) so I was happy about that. On another note, this week some time I am going to start working out again. I will start running and doing a lot of playing one on one just with my left hand. Hopefully that will help my left hand get a lot better and keep me in good shape. My trainer will come over from the States and help me out. It’s very important for me to keep working and trying to be as ready as possible when my injury heals. It’s great to have a trainer because that helps me work out when the team is not around or at times when they are getting ready for practice or games. I will try and stay away from the team for the most part. I love the guys but I don’t want to be a disturbance. I want them to stay focused and keep playing good basketball. I will just come to the home games and maybe watch practice every once in awhile. I want to be a positive supporter not a hinderance.

The NBA has gotten underway and a big trade has happened already. Allen Iverson to the Detroit Pistons. Detroit sent Chauncey Billups and Antonio McDyess to the Denver Nuggets. I think its a good trade for both teams. I think both teams get what they want.  However, I watched Detroit get hammered by the Boston Celtics this past Sunday. I was thinking for a minute, maybe it wasn’t a good trade. That was just my emotions talking. Boston is a damn good team, the defending champions and Allen Iverson is still getting adjusted and situated in Detroit. It will take some time for them to gel and be a unit like they were with Billups running the point guard position. I will know more about if Detroit can make a run at winning the Eastern Conference by February.

My dark horse team right now is the Atlanta Hawks. They are off to a great start and looking real good. I am a big Joe Johnson fan. He has so much game. He can dribble like a point guard, shoot it, post up, play defense, and does it all at such a high-level. I just love his game. He is definitely an elite player in the NBA and he does it all with a quiet confidence that he knows is one of the best. That team is very talented. With quality players like Mike Bibbey, Josh Smith. Al Hortford, Flip Murray, Marvin Williams and so on contributing and playing their roles, they could be the surprise of 2008-2009. I like this group and they are my dark horse to be a big surprise and get a high seed in the east for the play-offs.Until next time…Take care and GodBless




  1. Shavonne says:

    ~Greetings Jay. Just wanted to express that I enjoy reading your column…you have interesting views. …Your fans miss you!! On a lighter note…the NBA season is Here!! I can’t wait to hear your views!! As for the sleeper team of the year I am going with the Blazer…although I am a huge Tracy McGrady fan…watch out for the Blazer… this will be a break out season for them especially since Oden is 90% and Brandon Roy is averaging 21pts and 5 steals a game!! As far as football (American) Adrian Peterson is a great football player but not one of the top 3 in the NFL, in my opinion. Well, I will be waiting for your next article…good luck with that pinky and congrats on that 2,000 point club!! If anyone deserves it, it is you :) . Take Care.

  2. Lynae says:

    Glad to hear you are doing good and back working out! Hopefully the team can hold it down in your absence!!!

    Ok How about those steelers. What was your take on that awesome catch by Polamalu last game and that touchdown they called back from him at the end!!!

    A win is a win as you said and those Steelers got another win!!! Go Steelers!!

    So tell us… where is loyalty and longevity has there been many players since Jordan to stay on the same team 10+ years. Where has it gone???
    Is it even a goal for players?

    Ok last question… what is the 411 on Stephon Marbury?

    Keep the articles coming:)


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