JR Holden returned to practice with reigning Euroleague champions CSKA Moscow on Thursday, six weeks after breaking his pinkie and expects to return to action in the Russian club’s next game.

Here is JR’s comment to heinnews.com

“I practiced for the first time in 6 weeks with the team today. Everything went well and I will probably suit up for the next game. I am not sure how many minutes I will play or if I will play at all. My finger feels pretty good and I just hope to get back into game rhythm as soon as possible with more and more practice and hopefully a few minutes in the next few games. I will definitely keep it wrapped and bandaged up for the next few weeks just to be safe. I will have to see how it feels after a few bumps and bangs. I think I will be perfectly fine. So, thanks for all your support during my recovery.
Best wishes




  1. Shavonne says:

    It’s good to see J.R. back!! CSKA missed you and so did you fans at home. I hope all is well.


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