The United States’ modest five-game winning streak came to a crashing end as Jürgen Klinsmann’s team was thrashed by five-time world champions Brazil, with the U.S. media responding by saying the Americans received a reality check and lessons from the South American powers.

The sports media outlet Sports Illustrated headlined their coverage of the U.S. loss “Reality check”. And they continued by saying: “Brazil put on an offensive clinic and handed the U.S. its first loss of the year, 4-1. While the final score was not flattering, the U.S. had its share of good moments.”

U.S. sports news giants ESPN said “Neymar inspires Brazil to thump U.S.” while adding “U.S. sharp in attack, not defense” and “USA Learns Lessons From Brazil”.

The Washington Post came up with the headline: “Brazil too much for United States at FedEx Field”.

And the New York Times titled their story: “U.S. Still Learning, With Brazil as Teacher”.

The NY Times said “Klinsmann … is also seeking an emotional change, saying he believes his players may be “naïve” and should show a “nastier” side during play. He added that perhaps the United States needs to “step on their toes more” and put pressure on the referee in the way that many other sides do.”

The game also was reported on in Klinsmann’s native Germany with the mass daily Bild saying: “Klinsi: Hammering against record world champions”.



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