Portuguese winger Cristiano Ronaldo and Brazilian striker Marta were awarded FIFA’s men’s and women’s World Player of the Year 2008 awards while Andy Murray received praise from Roger Federer, who also questioned why the Brit was the favorite for the up-coming Australian Open.

FIFA met in Zurich, Switzerland to hand out their annual awards and it was no surprise that Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo won the FIFA World Player of the Year on the men’s side and Marta captured the women’s honor for the third straight time. The Brazilian forward also announced she will be playing in the Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS) league in the U.S.

With the tennis Australian Open coming up, there was praise and raised eyebrows from Roger Federer about up-coming star Andy Murray, who has beaten Federer and world number one Rafael Nadal this season and is the favorite for Melbourne Park.

Heading over to women’s tennis really quickly. Marat Safin’s younger sister Dinara Safina appears on her way to greatness. But is women’s tennis getting too sexy for Aussies?

Back to football/soccer, David Beckham made his debut with AC Milan over the weekend and received mixed reactions.

The South African 2010 World Cup organisers have assured the world that the stadiums will be ready by the end of 2009.

The Togo football association is nearing new elections to help overcome complete disarray which has broken out in the West African nation.

Sevilla striker Freddie Kanoute has been fined for displaying a t-shirt in support of Palestine.

The Asians are showing the world that they have money and are ready to spend it on football/soccer.

Here a great item about Maradona, Havana cigars, Chelsea and Manchester United.

In U.S. Major League Baseball, Rickey Henderson and Jim Rice were awarded spots in the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

American football coach Tony Dungy is retiring after seven seasons – and one Super Bowl crown – with the Indianapolis Colts.

And a final item, Lance Amstrong needed to be whisked away from an Australian airport to avoid a frenzy of fans.



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