Bayern Munich took a strong step to reaching the 2010 Champions League final by beating Olympique Lyon 1-0 in the first leg of the semifinals thanks to Arjen Robben’s goal in the 69th minute. Bayern’s Dutch international has been one of Munich’s most prolific scorers over the past couple months, giving football fans plenty of highlights along the way.

After the game, Robben answered questions about the match, the red card shown to teammate Franck Ribery and getting subbed out with five minutes left.

“We still have a tough evening in Lyon. Nothing is decided yet. We only have a small advantage,” said Robben.

“We have a strong character. We just keep going. Tonight we fought 90 minutes. Even though it was tough for a while playing 10 against 11. 0-0 was not a good result so we all said we have to give another 10-20 percent. And we did that. In the second half we played better and were the better team.

About the red card to Ribery in the 37th minute, Robben added: “You can live with it. Of course he’s not the kind of guy who does those kinds of fouls. But he went over the ball and it looked a bit dangerous. But you can live with it. Also because Franck and I get fouled a lot and it’s good to see that referee is there and protects players.”

Robben argued with his coach, Dutch compatriot Louis van Gaal, after getting subbed out in the 85th minute. But afterwards he apologised.

“My reaction was not good because I am a professional. And I have to apologize to my coach, my teammates and the fans. I always want to win and I want to reach the final. And I thought I was really into the game. Lyon was dead at the end, and I thought I could maybe score a goal at the end or be dangerous again. That’s why I didn’t understand being taken out early.”



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