After plenty of work and deliberation, we at heinnews have decided to add to our team some columnists from throughout the world to help us better fulfill our pledge of providing the world of sports – all over the world.

Here our current columnists:

J.R. Holden – American member of the Russian national basketball team which went to the 2008 Olympics and one of the stars of the reigning Euroleague and Russian league champions CSKA Moscow.

He will be writing regularly for, offering an American’s insight into living and being a professional athlete and sports fan in Russia.

Click here for all his columns.

Simon Wilkinson – Simon is a freelance sports journalist and producer who has worked for ESPN, FIBA and FIBA Europe, CNN and various other online and print publications. He will be writing for about an array of subjects, ranging from NBA to golf to Gaelic Games (well, we’ll see about that).

Click here for all Si’s columns.

yarone1Yarone Arbel is a basketball person whose hand is dipped in several aspects of the game: Writing, scouting, consulting and linkuping all around the globe. Has seen heinnews develop from a one man ambition to a world wide network of sports, and competes in a long-run on-going unofficial contest with heinnews over whose laptop is more fragile. Cherishes good food and a beautiful assist, but not always in that order. Will be writing for heinews about international basketball in exchange for Hamburger joint coupons.

Click here for all of Yarone’s columns.

Chris Wright – A journalist who covers sports in France for the French news agency AFP. Click here to read Chris’s columns

Keep an eye out for the new writers offering a unique perspective of the sports world.


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