Johannes Wießnet collected 26 points including a game-deciding block with 18 seconds to lead Regensburg Baskets to a 79-74 upset of Nürnberger BC II at home.

Wießnet blocked Josip Prgic’s shot with his team ahead 78-74 and then Peter Sohn made one oft wo free throws with 10 seconds to play to secure the game. Thomas Gajzur added 16 points and Jan Sauer chipped in 12 points.

Regensburg coach Markus Höß admitted during the week before the game that he didn’t expect his team to do much against NBC, one of the top contenders to earn promotion from the fifth division 2. Regionalliga Südost.

“It’s great when my own team can surprise me positively. I am happy when I am wrong,” said Höß, whose team built a 16-point lead late in the third quarter but watched Nürnberg pull within three points in the final minute.

The victory – its second at home this season – was enormously important for Regensburg, whose main goal is to avoid relegation back down to the sixth division.

“That was a win that we did not plan on getting which counts double in the fight to stay in the league,” said Höß. “We played with a lot of heart. We were convincing and we fought on defense.”

“The victory shows that we have arrived in the league. I had expected a 30-point loss,” said Sohn.

After five game days, Regensburg are ninth in the standings with a 2-3 record – even with USV Jena and one win better than DJK Eggolsheim and TSV Breitengüßbach III  and two wins more than BBV Leipzig.

Nürnberger BC, who were led by 25 points from Josip Prgic and 16 by Yasin Turan, dropped to 3-2 even with four other teams two victories behind TG Würzburg.

NBC led 22-18 after one quarter before Regensburg went on a 14-4 surge in the second quarter to open a 38-31 lead. And the Baskets led 45-40 at the break.

Regensburg opened the second half on an 8-0 run for a 53-40 lead and Sauer’s basket pushed the advantage to 69-53 with 2:30 left in the third. Turan helped bring Nürnberg to within 69-59 after three periods.

The lead melted to 69-63 before Gajzur finally stopped a five minute scoreless streak for Regensburg. Höß’s team struggled offensively but converted five of six free throws to keep Nürnberg at arm’s length – 78-74 – before the big block by Wießnet, who on Sunday celebrated his 21st birthday.

Regensburg’s next game is Sunday, November 13 at TTL Bamberg.



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