Zalgiris has struggled all season in the Euroleague but has such a great history. So it was really nice to finally see the Lithuanian club grab a victory in the eighth game, beating Asseco Prokom by 11 points.

Sticking in the Euroleague, Lottomatica Roma needed overtime but clinched their spot in the Top 16 with a win over Union Olimpija, who dropped again. Sani Becirovic again had a great game with 23 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists to remain the highest rated player in the Euroleague.

In his regular blog, CSKA Moscow coach Ettore Messina talks about lack of confidence and questioning if the reigning Euroleague champions have what it takes to win on the road, among other items.

Anyone with Cubs fans as friends looking for a Christmas gift? This might be a good present.

And just one more note, what can you say about Brandon Roy scoring 52 points for the Portland Trail Blazers in a 124-119 win over Phoenix. Roy has scored 36.4 points over the last five games.



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