Croatian club KK Zagreb denied speculation that they had rejected Derrick Rose saying in fact that they wanted to sign the Chicago Bulls star for 20 games during the NBA lockout. The Euroleague club’s media director Damir Klekar blamed the false reports on a “clumsy” translating of an interview with club sports director Hrvoje Ciketić that spun out of control. The club has apologised to Rose and his agent.

Here a press release made available to heinnews:

Derrick Rose is not rejected by BC Zagreb,
BC Zagreb wanted Derrick Rose!
After some media reports with inaccurate information that the BC Zagreb refused to sign Derrick Rose were published, we are obliged to respond to such misinformation.
The truth is that the Basketball club Zagreb wanted to hire Derrick Rose for twenty games in the 2011/12 season, until the end of the NBA lockout. Therefore the club’s sports director Hrvoje Ciketić came in contact with his agents.
He began the negotiations which were brought, after months of agreeing, close to the finalization. However, BC Zagreb could not end the negotiations and the agreement has not been reached.
Before the start of the current season, BC Zagreb received bids for the involvement of 32 NBA players, but there was not a bid for Derrick Rose. The idea of ​​bringing Derrick Rose was initiated from BC Zagreb. We are disappointed that we didn’t finish the negotiations and engagement of Derrick Rose.
We are very sad because some clumsy and freely translated quotes taken from interview of our club’s sports director Hrvoje Ciketić (published in Vecernji list) were shamelessly transformed into a lie. We apologize to Derrick Rose, his agent and everyone who might feel hurt. We also believe, that all of those who passed this misinformation, should do the same.

Damir Klekar
Media Director
KK Zagreb CO



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