Some baffling news out of Boston as news comes out that Mr. Problemchild in persona Stephon Marbury may be joining the Celtics.

The rest of the NBA is hoping and praying that this move is made as Marbury has been one problem after another where ever he has gone in his long NBA career.

The Celtics are such a tight knit group of winners and granted they could use some backcourt depth behind starters Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen. But does Boston management seriously think Marbury would accept a reserve role?

The Celtics’s inspiration leader Kevin Garnett has yet to voice any opposition to bringing in Marbury though he has already been burned by Starbury, who forced his way out of the Minnesota partnership with a trade to New Jersey. If Boston really wants to put the defense of their NBA title in jeopardy, they should go out and add Stephon Marbury.

And cries of joy and laughter would be heard throughout the rest of the NBA.

As a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan, it was definitely strange to see an ice hockey game being played at Wrigley Field as the NHL hosted its 2009 Winter Classic. It must have been amazing seeing the 94-year-old stadium with signs like “Take Me Out to the Ice Rink”. Too bad the Chicago Cubs fans couldn’t have been given a victory as the Detroit Red Wings fought back from 3-1 down to beat the Blackhawks 6-4.

In other news, baseball’s all-time home run leader Barry Bonds is having hip surgery as he still hopes to play in 2009.

Mark Sanchez threw for 413 yards and 4 touchdowns as USC rolled past Penn State 38-24 to win the Rose Bowl.

And onto a couple of predictions

Let’s start with college basketball where No. 3 Pittsburgh travels to No. 8 Georgetown in another great battle early in the big bad Big East. Pitt is undefeated at 13-0 while Georgetown is 10-1 and coming off a big win at No. 2 Connecticut in the conference opener for both teams. Georgetown can definitely win the game and will be up for it, but Pitt will return home undefeated.

Sticking in the Big East for one note. Talk about a tough schedule. Rutgers continue their amazing run of games against No. 2 Connecticut. Rutgers’s last two games have been against No. 1 North Carolina (a 97-75 loss) and No. 3 Pitt (78-72). Man, somebody needs to talk to the schedule-makers.

The other two picks will NFL play-off games. The Indianapolis Colts head out on the road as the No. 5 seed to play at the San Diego Chargers. San Diego put on a late charge (sorry about the pun) to make the play-offs but Indy is on a serious roll as well. The Colts knock off the Bolts on Saturday.

And on Sunday, the Miami Dolphins look to continued their magical season by hosting the Baltimore Ravens. The Dolphins are underdogs but they will knock off the Ravens in an upset at home.



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