Journalists very rarely make headlines. But when they do, it’s most often for something negative.  And that was the case for Rob Parker, a columnist for the Detroit News. He had the audacity to ask the NFL Detroit Lions head coach Rod Marinelli at a press conference if he wished his daughter had married “a better defensive coordinator”.

Marinelli’s defensive coordinator is Joe Barry, who is also the head coach’s son-in-law. This is clearly a case of journalists crossing the line. Of course it’s tough to get a coach of an 0-15 team to give you funny quotes. But that is not one of the ways.

Here’s the latest on the Mark Teixeira affair in Major League Baseball. And it is still amazing to think that he may land with the Washingon Nationals. I guess he doesn’t care about winning.

Heading over to the NBA, the Los Angeles Lakers cruised past the Memphis Grizzlies. But there was a very interesting twist to the game as it featured Pau Gasol facing off against his younger brother Marc Gasol of Memphis. Here a couple highlights of the match-up of the Spanish big men.

Speaking of centers in Europe, there were two moves featuring big men and Euroleague clubs. Reigning champions CSKA Moscow said it would loan Aleksey Savrasenko to another team after the Russian national team center publicly complained about the lack of playing time. And Real Madrid, who just beat CSKA in Moscow last week, announced the acquisition of former CSKA center Tomas Van den Spiegel, who left Ukrainian club Azovmash Mariupol.

And sticking with European basketball, he’s a feature about an emerging Turkish power forward, Cevher Ozer
of Besiktas Cola Turka.



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